Fix Samsung Camera Perspective/Distortion Issue When Placed Closed To Something

Fix Samsung Camera PerspectiveDistortion Issue When Placed Closed To Something

The best way to get your photography level up as a professional is through consistent trial and practice. But the most common issue that photographers usually go through, no matter whether it is a professional or beginner photographer; is a Samsung Camera distortion. But have ever wondered why the object in the photo looks distorted compared to real life? Or Why do big towers seem like they are bending down? The most common culprit is Samsung phone camera lens distortion but in some cases, it’s different than we think.

Unfortunately, what hurts more is letting down your rating as a professional photographer even after using the Best Photo Editor on a Samsung Phone. Well, even if it’s an either-or situation, it can be easily get fixed by performing troubleshooting steps.

What Causes Of Samsung Camera Distortion Issue?

Well, there are various miscellaneous reasons behind the perspective distortion on the Samsung Camera, but the common one is the optical design of the Samsung Camera. Moreover, in some cases, it can also be due to the Software relater bugs, or else tweak in the System. 

Hint: Try reading the complete guide to fix the distortion issue, and if the issue doesn’t go away, simply download Best Third-Party Camera App For Samsung Phone.

Fix Perspective/Distortion Issue On Samsung’s Camera

After the heavy conversation regarding the issue, now it’s time to get your sit down and perform those sturdy workarounds to fix this annoying Camera Related Problem On Samsung Phone.  

Remove Mobile Case/Cover

Having a Mobile case with you makes the device always on to go no matter whatever the surrounding situations. Well, but in distortion effect while turning on the camera, can’t be the issue we think of. It can be the cover blocking the camera. Considering such a situation, it is better to detach the cover from phone. And if you facing a camera distortion issue while using the Front camera, try removing the screen protector.

Restart Phone

Having the issue on your device nowadays is common, at the same point performing the restarting procedure is one of the most basic and effective solutions to fix the problem. If you haven’t performed this yet, try doing so, as there might be a minor bug within the system causing the unpredictable issue. 

Keep Samsung Phone Away From Heavy Appliances

Distortion might also be caused due to the radiation or vibration as Phone might be surrounded by Heavy appliances like Oven, and TV. And if you are present beside such appliances try moving far from it, and then just show your Photography skill. If it works for you, have GOOD LUCK!

Enable Ultra Wide Shape Correction Feature

Some of the users of the Samsung Phones encountered distortion while using the ultra-wide camera. To prevent such type of situations where the built-in feature known as ultra-wide shape correction, enable it. Here are the steps to do so. 

  • Step. 1→ Navigate to the Camera App > Settings.
  • Step. 2→ Choose Format And Advanced Options > Enable the Toggle present next to the Ultra Wide Shape Correction Feature.

No simply start capturing the photo of the same situation once and then compare the one you have taken before, if you see any difference, your issue is fixed. 

Force Close Camera App 

Force Stop application is an old-school method that worked great to fix some of the corrupted tasks assigned in the background in the application. Here are the steps to force stop Camera app.

  • Step. 1→ Navigate to the Camera App and keep pressing on it to feature App Info.
  • Step. 2→ From the App Info > Force Stop.

Usually, force stop application is a kind of restarting of an application and it works wonders to fix in-app-related problems. If not, move forward to the next troubleshooting steps.  

Clear Camera Cache

The cache is one of the best part of the Android Application as it helps the application to run faster and better. But over time this cache gets corrupted and results in a worst-case scenario. There are chances where the Camera app cache gets corrupted which results in Improper Functioning Of the Camera. So let’s clear cache, here are the steps to do so.

  • Step. 1→ Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Step. 2→ Select Camera App > Storage > Clear Cache.

Don’t worry, there will no data loss, and after these steps; restart the phone and start using the Camera app once again.

Check For Updates 

Software updates play an important role to run both application and phone perfectly and consistently. Luckily there are many Different Ways To Update Applications but in case of Software Updates, it’s just a single tap. Head to Settings > Software Update > Download And Install.

Boot Device To Safe Mode 

Huge distortion on the selfie photo can possibly be due to the third-party corrupted app. As of now and forever, there is a feature known as Safe-Mode, Using this mode will allow only pre-installed apps to run. Here are the step to boot up your device to safe mode

  • Step. 1→ Press Power Button to feature Power Off Menu.
  • Step. 2→ From the Power Off Menu, keep pressing on the Power Off Icon. Doing so, will feature Green Safe Mode, tap on it.

After booting to safe mode, navigate to the Camera App and start capturing the image. Check if there is any sign of distortion in image, if no distortion is featured, uninstall third-party applications one-by-one. Moving forward, if still the issue persists head to the next workaround. 

Reset All Settings 

Sudden changes in the settings can cause Samsung Phone Misbehaving. The same factor goes with a Samsung Camera App. As there might be chances were right after the update, the setting get suddenly change. To fight against it, there is a feature known as resetting all settings. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Step. 1→ Go to Settings > General Management.
  • Step. 2→ Select Reset All Settings > Reset Settings > Reset.

Doing so will bring back the device to the default settings same as when you first time unpacked the best Samsung phone

Check If There Is No Hardware Damage

Hardware damage is sometimes unknown to us, as the children in our house use the phone to Play Best Games or else to scroll through Youtube videos to watch their best show, but as they are always in hurry to use the phone and at the end, it results into random falls and drops which can cause hardware damage, considering another possibility, as all electronic items don’t work at it’s best, their chances where your device might have corrupted hardware from the day one. In either first case or else second case the only solution is hardware repair. 

Contact Samsung Support

Samsung Support is the dedicated team that works to give its users support when they encounter a problem. Now in this case, after completion of trouble-shooting steps, still the issue persists simply navigate to Samsung Support!


Camera Distortion is the most prominent issue in today’s world, but having surrounded by tech riders always gives the best solution to fix it. As the tech rider, we have tried the best solution to fix the issue, if it works for you simply give the thumbs up! 


  1. How Do I Get My Phone Camera To Stop Distorting?

First of all, move away from the heavy appliances like Oven, TV, and all other stuff and then try restarting the phone, if it still doesn’t get fixed, go through the above-mentioned guide, as there are some of the best ways to fix distortion on Samsung 

2. Why Is My Samsung Camera Glitching?

Glitching Samsung Camera can be due to various factors, but the most common one is the Outdated Software version. If your device consumes an outdated version, it definitely causes Misbehaving Of Application on Samsung Phone.

3. How Can I Make My Samsung Phone Camera Quality Better?

The common factor is regularly cleaning the Camera Lenses, Ignore Using Zoom, Equipped Your Device With Best Tripod, and Use Photo Editor App. 

4. How Do I Stop My Samsung Face From Smoothing?

To prevent such situations, navigate to the Samsung Camera App > Magic Wand Icon > Face > disable Face Icon present at the bottom of the screen.

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