[2023] Fix Can’t Open Camera App on Samsung Phone

Fix Camera App Crashing on Samsung Phone

The Samsung camera is considered to be one of the best in the current Android Market and I am damn sure you are enjoying your journey with the Samsung phone camera. But unfortunately, minor bugs in the camera app, Software glitch, or sudden tweak in the settings lead to the Samsung phone camera app failing to open.

On the other hand, when tapping on the Camera app symbol from the Lock Screen, or App Tray, nothing happens on Samsung phone. Don’t worry! If it’s not a hardware problem, the unresponsive Camera app on a Samsung phone can easily be fixed by performing the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article. So let’s dig in and get your camera back to normal working!

How To Fix “Camera Failed” Error On Samsung Phone

Why Is the Camera App Not Opening On My Samsung Phone?

There are multiple potential reasons for Camera app not working on Samsung phones. Considering the minor bugs, which can be easily fixed by performing the normal restart but in the end, it’s not an effective solution for complicated culprits. Moving forward, it’s a complicated issue, you must try the software-related workaround mentioned in this article.

Disable Sensor

First and foremost disable the sensor on your phone by pulling down the notification from the Samsung phone screen. As in the past, many users said that disabling the SENSOR result in camera app working.

Verify If There Is Another App Already Using Camera

Are you a dedicated YouTuber or Social Media Influencer? Or else already using the camera on Snapchat and Instagram, well, unknowingly it might interfere with the functioning of the main Camera app on your Samsung device. In such a case, open the Multi-tasking menu and close all the background running apps on your device. After doing so, navigate to the Camera app and see if Camera on Samsung phone not working is fixed. If not, move to the next workaround.

Restart Phone

Moving forward to fix Camera app failed to open on my phone; is to restart the device. Now and forever, the minor bugs keep popping on the phone. This results in various issues within the device. And you know, the best solution is restarting the phone.

  • Press the Power Button to feature Power Off Menu.
  • From the Power Off Menu, select Green Restart Option.
Restart Phone

Wait for a couple of seconds until the procedure gets finished. After finishing, tap on the Camera app and shoot the photo if it’s working. 

Detach And Re-Insert microSD Card

Rarely, the Samsung phone is unable to read the MicroSD card, which causes can’t able to open the Camera app on Mobile. In such a scenario, the best solution is to remove and re-inserting the microSD card. We also suggest cleaning the microSD Tray using a cotton cloth because if there is any dirt and debris on a tray can lead to Samsung Phone Not Reading microSD Card.

Force Stop Camera App

After continuous usage of the Camera app; it might get buggy and at last it stops working. To fix it, you need to simply force stop the Camera app. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Keep pressing on the Camera App Icon > “i’ Icon > Force Stop.
Force Stop Camera App

Verify Availability Of Storage

Less storage space is one of the common factors behind can’t open Camera app. If your device consumes less storage, it’s recommended to delete all unwanted files, data, photos, and videos. After clearing out the data, try using the Camera app if it works, you lucky guy/girl.

Verify Permission

Whenever you open the Camera app on your Samsung phone for the first time, it always asks for permission. But unfortunately, the regular updates on the phone can result in the tweak of app permissions. So it’s better to verify Camera app permissions on your mobile.

  • Keep pressing on Camera App Icon > “i’ Icon.
Camera App Info
  • Choose Permissions. From this menu verify Location, Camera, and Microphone, and Nearby Devices permissions are present in Allow Menu. 
Check All permission

Clear Camera Cache

For a smooth running of the Camera app, it accumulates the cache. But if there is an overwhelming accumulation of cache can lead to the freezing Camera app. And the only way to fix it is by clearing the cache of the Camera app. Here are the steps to do so. 

  • Keep pressing on Camera App Icon > “i’ Icon.
Camera App Info
  • Go to Storage > Clear Cache > OK
Clear Camera App Cache

After clearing the cache, now it’s to launch the Camera app once again. 

Update Phone 

Most mobile developers regularly launch the bundle of updates for better performance and at the same point to fix those bugs. So if have been delaying the update since it’s launched can cause unwanted situations. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Go to Settings > Software Update > Download And Install.

Boot To Safe Mode

Some users reported that Camera app stopped working after installing a third-party application. It could be due to the app you have recently installed or the app you have already installed on the Samsung phone are not well coded. To check if those third-party apps are not culprits, the best solution is to boot the device to Safe Mode. Because in Safe Mode only preinstalled applications are allowed to run. After booting to the Safe Mode go to the Camera app and if it works properly, then definitely third-party application the main culprit. Here are the steps to boot the phone to safe mode.

  • Press the Power Button to feature Power Off Menu.
  • From the Power Off Menu, keep pressing on the Power Off Symbol.
  • Doing so, will feature Safe Mode, tap on it.
hit on Safe Mode

That’s It!

Hopefully, the Camera app will open after performing the above-mentioned solution. But what if Camera app does not open on the Phone even after performing the troubleshooting steps? Well, it’s time to contact Samsung Support Team and ask them about the problem.

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