Why Use Edge Panel on Samsung? How to Use & Benefits

How and Why Use Edge Panel on Samsung

Usually, if you want to do some task on the Samsung, you need to simply quiet the currently running application and then move forward to the next procedure, that’s where we can consider using Edge Panel. What Is an Edge Panel? Is that the question! It’s a customizable mini drawer that allows you to have access to the selected apps, contacts, and many other tools that are important in your daily life with just a simple swipe. 

In fact, you can personalize the panel to work effectively and efficiently as there are more options available in Samsung Galaxy Store. But before that, it’s better to learn the complete guide to using the Edge panel on the Samsung Galaxy phone. 

Do Anyone Actually Use Edge Panel And For What?

According to users of Edge panel, many of them experienced a 2 times faster way to access the various daily needs applications such as Sticky Notes, Calculator, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more things without quitting current running applications. That’s why many Samsung users preferred edge panels. 

What Are The Different Ways To Use Edge Panel On My Samsung Galaxy Phone

In this article, we will mention the different steps to use the Edge panel on the Samsung phone, so without missing out any important point continue reading the article. 

How To Enable/Disable Edge Panel

First of all, before proceeding to any advanced step, there are many users who don’t know how to enable/disable edge panels on the Samsung phone. 

Step. 1→ Navigate to the Settings App > Display > Enable/Disable the Toggle located next to the Edge Panel

For confirmation of the Edge panel turned on, check if there is a transparent handle present on the either left or right side of the screen. 

How To Open Edge Panel

Accessing the Edge Panel on the Samsung phone is not a big task, what you need to do is simply drag-in the Rectangular Icon either present on the left or right side of the screen which is completely dependent upon preferences. 

How To View Installed Edge Panels

There are chances where your device might consume pre-installed multiple Edge panels. To go through it, follow the given below.

Step. 1→ Swipe on the right side either from the left or right edge of the screen, to feature the Edge Panel. Choose the Settings Icon present at the bottom of the Edge Panel. 

Note: In the case, if you didn’t encounter the Settings Icon at the bottom of Edge Panel, simply move toward Settings > Display > Edge Panel > Panels.

In the next screen, you will encounter the list of Edge Panel that are already installed in your device. Moreover, there will be a Blue Check Mark on every Edge Panel, which means the Panels are active to use. To access the desired one, you use the Edge Handle.

How To Add Or Remove Items In Panel

There are some panels in the Samsung phone which allow us to add and remove the application of our choice; to make it personalize Edge Panel. If you don’t know how to, simply follow the given below steps.

Keep in mind, that before performing these steps, you must know that only active Edge panels can be customised. And always make sure to Turn On the panel first.  

Step. 1→ Swipe left or right from the edge of the screen to open the Edge panel. Select the Settings Icon.

Step. 2→ Choose the Edit Option present under the Panel that allows customization. In the next screen, you can easily Add or Remove the Panel accordingly. 

That’s how handily you can add and remove the items from the edge panel on Samsung phones.

How To Show And Hide Edge Panel From Edge Panel

As there are a bunch of Edge Panel available on your device. And it’s obvious you don’t like some of them and at the end you want to hide Edge panels. No worries! Here are the steps to do so. 

Step. 1→ Drag the Edge Bar from the edge of the screen, choose Settings Gear.

As mentioned above, there will be a Blue Check Mark on each Edge Panel. Uncheck the mark on the desired Edge panel to hide it.

How To Add Multiple Edge Panels

Apart from the preinstall Edge Panel, you download and install the Edge Panel both paid and free from the Galaxy Playstore. If you are one of them; want more options and price doesn’t matter to simply go through the steps.

Step. 1→ Open up the Edge Panel as shown earlier. Select the Settings Gear present below. 

Step. 2→ Select the Galaxy Store available on the bottom of the screen. After that, you will head towards the Galaxy Store App page, craved with a variety of themes.

Step. 3→ Select the Install Icon from any desired Edge Panel

Step. 4→ After the completion of downloading procedure, hit on the Play Icon to feature it in the list of Edges Panels. Ensure to activate the panel.

Hereafter that, you can perform a similar task to add an app, hide, and delete the Edge Panel on Samsung phone as mentioned above.

How To Use App Panel

The App Panel is one of the most used panels. Because it is crafted with the applications that are frequently used by the user. Moreover, you can personalize the app panel according to your need by simply removing and adding the application. Here are the steps to do so.

Tip. 1→ To customize the App Panel, select the Three-Bar Icon located at the bottom screen and choose Edit Icon. Now you easily add and remove the apps from the list. 

Tip. 2→ To Show or Hide recently used apps, select Three-Dot Icon present in the Apps list.

Tip. 3→ To create a folder in the App Edge Panel, keep pressing on the App Icon and simply drag and drop into another part of the Edge Panel.

Tip. 4→ To use Apps on split-screen, keep pressing on the App Icon and then move towards the bottom or top part of the screen. 

How Reorder Edge Panels

Reordering the Edge Panels on the Samsung phone play an important role. Because as of now and forever, you can change the Edge Panels quickly according to your need.

Step. 1→ Access the Edge Panel > Settings Gear Icon present at the bottom of the screen.

Step. 2→ Now select the Three-Vertical Dots present at the upper Right Corner of the screen. Hit on Reorder.

Step. 3→ Move the Panels by tapping on <> Icon present on every edge panel. 

How To Uninstall Panels

As you have installed many third-party Edges panels, which might make you feel cluttered Edge Panel section, fortunately you can uninstall any of them by going through below mentioned steps. 

Step. 1→ Open the Edge Panel > Settings Gear.

Step. 2→  In the Edge Panel settings page, select Three-Vertical Dots.

Step. 3→ Select Uninstall. Doing so, will feature Minus Icon on every panel, tap on it to uninstall.

How To Change Location Of Edge Handle On Samsung Phone

Convenience in using the feature is top most priority for any users. And same goes with Edge Handle, as you change the location of it as per you comfort. Here are the steps to do so.

Step. 1→  Go to Settings App > Display.

Step. 2→ Select Edge Panels > Handle. In case, if you don’t receive an Handle option, choose the Three-Vertical Dots > Edge Panel Handle.

Step. 3→ Select a Position, either Right or Left.

Moreover, it’s obvious that accidental touch on the device can change the location of Edge Panel so to prevent such a scenario, you can Lock Handle Position by enabling the Toggle next to the Location.

How To Change Look Of Edge Handle On Samsung Phone

If you want to prevent someone getting access to the private Edge Panel, you can hide Edge Handle. The only difference is you open the Edge Panel by swiping inward direction without the Edge Handle visibility on screen. 

To Hide Handle, 

Step. 1→ Navigate to the Settings > Display > Edge Panel

Step. 2→ Select Handle > Now drag the Transparency Slider according to your need.

To Change Width,

Step. 1→ From the similar page, drag the Width Slider.

To Change The Size,

Step. 1→ From the Handle Page, drag the Slider either from Small to Large or else from large to small.

Bonus Tips: Best Third-Party Equivalent Of Samsung’s Edge Panel: Edge Side Bar App

There are many option to make your Edge Bar Personalize, but using the Edge Side Bar application makes an huge difference. The application comes with an simple UI but with an advance interface. Using those features you can customize the Edge Handle’s Width, Height, and Size. Moreover, with Samsung Edge Panel you can upto 10 slide but in this case, you add 5 Slides. So just have fast access to the application and features using the best alternative of Samsung Edge Panel.

Is Using Edge Panel Worth!

In some cases, it is worth using the Edge panel as it offers handy and quick access to the applications and features of the device. Moving forward there are chances where it encounters accidental touch on the device screen, which ultimately results in an unwanted scenario, so using Edge Panel on the Samsung phone is completely depend upon personal choice. 


  1. Where Is The Edge Panel On Samsung Galaxy Phones?

The Edge Panel is hopped in the left or right side of the display. You can encounter it as white transparent bar. Simply, swipe in the inward direction and get the quickest access to Features, Apps, and Tools installed in the device.

  1. Issue With Samsung Edge Panel After Update?

Well, in most cases it happens due to corrupted files included in the Update file. In some cases, it happens due to the sudden tweak within the Edge Panel Settings because as of now and forever the update changes the phone settings.

  1. How Many Edge Panel Can I Active On Samsung Phones?

You can Active 10 Edge Panel at once on Samsung Phone. To add more or want change in Edge Panel, you have to simply install it from the Galaxy Store App.

  1. How To Fix Edge Panel Disappeared Or Not Showing On Samsung Phone?

First and foremost, check if the Edge Panel settings are enabled on your device. At the same point, ensure Easy Mode isn’t turned on Samsung Phone. To turn off it, head to the Settings > Display > Easy Mode and tap on the toggle present beside it.

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