How to Update Apps on Samsung? Detailed Guide

How to Update Apps in Samsung

Just like Android OS updates, it’s necessary to keep all the installed applications updated to the latest version. With all-new updates, the developer tries to fix the bugs at the same point to enhance the performance of the application. Many times to Fix Apps that Keeps Crashing Or Misbehaving, we suggest updating the application.

That’s the reason you should keep the application updated, at the same point it’s necessary to learn how to update an application on Samsung Phones or Tablets. What is the easy way to update an application on the phone? Well, in this article we have covered all the possible ways to update applications. So let’s explore it.

Different Ways to Update Apps in any Samsung Device

Update System Apps

Usually, the system apps get updated automatically, no matter if auto-updates on phone are enabled or not. And unfortunately, there is no way to update the System app through the Play Store. However, uninstalling the existing update from the System Settings will force the application to update application automatically. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Head to the Settings App > Apps.
Go to settings
  • Hit on the Sort Icon and turn on the switch for the Show System Apps > OK.
Tap Show System App
  • Search for the app that you desired to update and select it.
  • Choose Three-Dot Icon from the App Info ScreenUninstall Updates.
Tap Three-Dot Icon

Update App Using APK

APKs are formation to install or update any application on the phone. You must download the APK file and open it to update to the existing app by following the given below steps.

  • Navigate to from the browser.
  • With the website’s search, search for the desired app that you desired to update. Consider the Netflix app.
  • Hit on the most recent APK that features up. Right from the next page, select Download Icon present beside the APK variant.
  • Download the APK file from the download folder. Navigate to the Download Folder from the File App.
  • Choose APK to install it.

Manually Update Multiple App

As we all know the Google Play Store is one of the best ways to update and install the latest version of application. If you want to update multiple apps at a single time then simply follow the given below steps.

  • Head to the Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Hit on the Profile Picture Icon > Manage Apps & Devices.
tap profile icon
  • Choose Updates Available > Update All.
select Update All

Update Single App Manually

If you don’t want to update all the apps at a single time as your device might have reached to the maximum data limit and at the same point there is not Wi-Fi available in your current location. There might be chances emergency where you might have to update a single app, then follow the given below steps.

  • Go to Google Play Store > search for the app you desire to update. Hit on the Update.
update single app

Second Method,

  • Simply go to Google Play Store > Profile Icon > Manage Apps & Devices.
tap profile icon
  • Select Update Available. After doing so list of apps having updates will be featured, then hit on the Update present beside the desired app.
Tap Update Available

Turn On Automatic Updates For All Application

Manually updating the application is a kind of habit work as the developer regularly launches the update. At the same point making a habit to do certain tasks is a difficult task due to the busy schedule. Fortunately, to ease your task, you can command the Play Store to update all the applications automatically. This ultimately means that there are no chances of outdated applications on the phone. Here below are the steps to enable the feature.

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store.
  • Hit on the Profile Icon > Settings.
Hit Settings
  • Tap Network Preferences > Auto-Update Apps.
Go to Network Preferences
  • Select Over Wi-Fi or else select Over Any Network to update application. Tap on the first option.
Choose any one

Turn On Auto Update For Single App

Nowadays there are multiple apps stored on the mobile phone, but sometimes those apps can cause data loss because of auto-update for all app-enabled. Well to prevent such type situations, you can auto-enable the single app by following the given below steps.   

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store.
  • Search for the app you want to update regularly.
  • After that, choose Three-Dots Icon present at the top of the screen and verify if Enable Auto Update is checked or not.
Enable Auto Update

Turn On Auto-Update In Galaxy Store

Samsung Galax Store is a Samsung product, what I mean to say is, that it will always offer flexibility to its users. So unlike the Google Play Store, you can enable the Auto-Update for all apps on the Samsung phone. If you are not familiar with how to do so, simply follow the given below steps.

  • Head to the Samsung Galaxy Store on device.
  • Select Three-Bar Icon > Settings.
hit Three Vertical Lines
  • Tap on the Auto-Updates Apps > Using Wi-Fi Only or Using Wi-Fi Or Mobile Data.
select Auto Update App

Update Application Using Galaxy Store

Now it’s time to learn how to enable auto-update on the Samsung Galaxy Store app, as you can handily update the application directly through the Samsung Galaxy Store app instead of scrolling in the Google Play Store. At the same point, you can gain knowledge on what’s the difference between Galaxy Store and Play Store.

  • Navigate to the Galaxy Store.
  • Hit on the Three-Bar Icon present at the top of the screen, and choose Updates.
  • Doing so, will the list of an application have updates. Choose Reload Circle present beside the application.
select reload
  • To update multiple apps at the same time from the Galaxy Store, tap on the Update All on the same page.
choose Update All


No matter, whether it’s a system app or a third-party app, by following the above-mentioned steps you update the application on your Samsung.  

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