Fix Apps Keeps Crashing on Samsung Phone

Fix App Keeps Crashing on Samsung

Samsung phones are undoubtedly the most productive gadget because it comes with a handy UX that doesn’t get flounder. However, things might go wrong when the apps unexpectedly keep crashing and freezing on Samsung phones, which mostly happens due to a recent upgrade to the newer version of Android OS. From the complete loss of the files to the delay in the work the apps crashing on Android 12 can bring a lot more frustration.

Well, it can just by performing some of the troubleshooting steps. If you are one of those users who got frustrated with a random crash of an application on a Samsung phone. Then continue reading the article as we have mentioned some of the effective workarounds to fix it.

Apps Keep Crashing On Samsung Phone, Here’s The Real Fix!

What Causes Apps to Keep Crashing On the Phone?

Apps in the Samsung phone get various symptoms that cause random freezes, crashes, and failure to open. Well in most scenario application crashes on the Samsung phone is one of the rarest situations. But those after the OS update can get fixed by the effective workaround. Most of the time those errors are firmly linked with an app incompatibility or else corrupted application. No matter whatever the culprit is it can easily be fixed by performing troubleshooting steps.

Restart Phone

One of the most common and handiest ways to fix apps that keeps crashing on the Samsung is a normal restart. Because over time Application cache or web browser fill up the device space it’s an effective and efficient way to fix the issue caused by the minor bugs in the device. To do so simply follow the given below steps.

  • Press the Power Button to appear Power Off Menu.
  • From the Power Off Menu, choose Restart Symbol.
App freezing android

Force Restart Application

Another basic solution crashing apps issues is to force stop application and reload it once again; for instance, we’ve took Netflix as a problematic app to explain to you. To do so, simply press the on the Problematic App Icon > App Info > Force Stop.

All apps crashing on Samsung phone

Verify Internet Connection

Another reason of apps keeps freezing on the Samsung phone is unstable or corrupted internet connection. As some of the applications like Instagram, Facebook, or Netflix require a stable internet connection. Whether it’s cellular data or Wi-Fi we suggest checking the is working or not. If it’s working then simply check the data speed using the SpeedTest.

If all the scenarios are perfect in case of a Wi-Fi network, then we suggest to main Power Switch to which router is connected. Wait for a few seconds and return on and see if the issue is fixed or not.

Update Application

Missing files in the application database can cause the apps not loading on the Samsung phone. So if there is any update recently launched by the developer to enhance application performance or else to fix those bugs that result in apps not working properly on Samsung phones. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store.
  • Write the App name in search menu you are having an issue with.
  • Now tap on the Update if available.

Update Google Play Service

All the background functionality, features, and applications is one of the important things for the performance of the Samsung device. When all of this background stuff gets outdated or corrupted, it can result into an app freezing problem. So we suggest updating Google play Service and seeing if the issue gets fixed or not.

  • Go to Settings > Apps.
Google play service keeps crashing
  • Hit Google Play Service > App Details In Store.

no app working on Samsung phone
  • Select Update.

Clear Cache And Data

As we use application regularly, it constatly saves the data in the cache to increase the performance of the de.Usually, this data and cache get corrupted due to which app crashes continuously. To fix it, clearing app cache and data is the only solution. To clear app cache and data simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to the Settings > Apps.
Apps crashing S20 FE
  • Select the Problematic App > Storage.

Freezing App S21
  • Lastly hit Clear Data And Cache.
No App Working On Samsung Phone

After the completion of the steps application will be reloaded with new data and cache. So just verify the freezing app on the Samsung phone is fixed or not.

Verify App Permission

If you presently updated the application, it’s feasible that app permission goes back to the default mode. This may be the result of an unpredictable issue such freezing app on a Samsung phone. So we just to simply verify app permission is given to the application to which you are facing an issue. Consider Netflix as an problematic app.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Apps > Problematic App.
Applications Keeps Crashing after Update
  • Select Permission > Under Not Allowed Section select each option and tap on Allow Access To Media Only.
Apps randomly shuts down

Verify Storage

At this point if nothing works to fix apps that keeps closing issue on the Samsung phone there are chances where the device doesn’t have enough storage space to run the applications. We suggest clearing out the unwanted data, files, and pictures from the device. Or else copy & paste your data to the PC or laptop.

Re-install Application

If you recently updated the application after which you are experiencing a sudden crash of application on Samsung phone; it’s due to the corrupted file that came along with an update. Well, it can be just fixed by re-installing the application. As the application will come up with a fresh update file.  

Factory Reset

If you are absolutely tired of fixing the issue but still don’t get a positive outcome. It’s time to factory reset the device as in the moment there is no solution left. Before performing it we suggest making the backup of data stored in the device. Here are the steps to factory reset Samsung phones.

  • Navigate to the Settings > General Management.
Crashing Apps
  • Select Reset > Factory Reset.
Apps freezing On Samsung S20
  • A last, select Reset.
Samsung Phone Apps Keeps Crashing


That’s over, those crashing applications on Samsung phones might have got fixed by performing above mentioned troubleshooting steps. If yes, then let us know which workaround helped you, by mentioning it in the below comment box.

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