Fix Samsung Calendar Not Syncing With Google Calendar

Samsung Calendar Not Sync with Google Calendar

As we all know, calendars on Samsung are playing an important role and syncing the Samsung calendar with Gmail, Outlook, and more keeps you updated about the daily important schedule. However, you might experience a Samsung calendar not syncing issue or the Samsung calendar won’t be synchronized with Google, Outlook, or Gmail.

No matter, what kind of issue you are facing, you can go through our article on how to fix it. As lots of users were facing it, so we have worked on it and mentioned some of the effective workarounds.

What To Do If Samsung Phone Calendar does Not Sync With Google?

Verify Internet Connection

Why is the Samsung calendar not syncing? Because your device might have an inactive internet connection. As we all know to use the features like sync, there should be a stable and active internet connection. So we suggest verifying that Samsung has an active internet connection. And if your device doesn’t have active internet then simply enable/disable the airplane mode, or else if your device is connected with Wi-Fi then turn off and on the power switch, this needed to be done because there might be a minor bug causing unstable internet connection.

Turn Google Account On Samsung Calendar

Well in today’s time all of us have multiple Google accounts one for professional use and another for personal use. While tweaking around those Google accounts we might have forgotten to enable that particular Google account that we usually use with the Samsung Calendar app. Due to this some users of experience the Samsung S22 calendar app not syncing with Google. To do simply follow the given below steps.

  • Scroll down and navigate to the App Drawer on the Samsung device.
  • Search and hit Samsung Calendar App.
  • Choose Three Vertical Line present at the left top corner.
  • Select the Settings Gear.
  • Navigate to the Manage Calendar option. Turn on the Google account from the menu.

Enable Google Calendar In Your Account

Another possible reason behind the Samsung calendar not syncing between the devices can be multiple Google calendar under the account. And at a time you can only see a single calendar on the phone calendar app. In such a case, turn on the required calendar to make it feature in the application. If you are not familiar with how to do so, simply follow the given below steps.

  • On the Phone, head towards the Calendar App.
  • Tap on the Google Account to feature all the calendars.
  • Enable the desired calendar that you are willing to show up on.

After the completion, verify Samsung Galaxy calendar and Google calendar not syncing, is fixed! If not, move towards the next workaround.

Add Google Calendar

Still, Samsung S20 calendar doesn’t sync. If yes, then try manually entering the Google calendar into the device calendar application.

  • Navigate to the Samsung Calendar App.
  • Choose Three-Vertical Line > Settings Gear.
  • Choose Manage Calendars. Hit on the + Icon present right at the top and tap Google from the menu.
  • Log in with Google account credentials and ensure to turn it on right from the same menu.
  • After doing so, exit the Samsung Calendar App and re-open it. Verify if Google calendar not syncing with the Samsung phone is fixed or not.

Verify Calendar Permission

To use any application on an Android phone needs permission. But sometimes an accidental touch in the device permission settings can lead to the Samsung calendar stopped syncing. If your calendar app doesn’t have permission, you will definitely encounter an issue with syncing Google calendar. To give permission simply follow the given below steps.

  • Go to Calendar App.
  • Long tap on it.
  • Choose Info Button.
  • Navigate to Permission Menu > Turn on Calendar Permission.

Update Calendar App

No matter either it is pre-installed or a third-party calendar app, every application needs an update to enhance the performance and at the same time fix those bugs causing Samsung Tab calendar not syncing problems. So we suggest to verify the Samsung calendar application you are having consumes the latest version or not. If not then simply update it from the Galaxy Store. Just after updating see if the issue persists or not. If you are not familiar with how to update the app through Galaxy Store, then simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to the Galaxy Store App on the Samsung Device.
  • Choose Hamburger Menu and Tap Updates.
  • Right from that menu update the Samsung Calendar App.

Uninstall Samsung Calendar Updates

Sometimes the bugs can be present in the update file of the application. So if have recently updated the application and just after that experiencing Google calendar not syncing to Samsung calendar. Luckily you uninstall the Samsung Calendar App and revert it back to the stable version.

How Do I Sync Samsung Calendar With Google?

  • From the main screen, select Apps.
  • Select S Planner.
  • Hit More Icon.
  • Select Manage Calendars.
  • Tap Add Account.
  • Select Google.
  • Write down your E-mail Address and follow the instruction given on the screen.

Sync It!

At the end, you might be able to fix Android calendar not syncing by performing any of the above-mentioned workarounds. And if we have forgotten to mention any of the workarounds that you have come across then mentioned drop it in the comment box.

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