Best Bixby Tips and Tricks that You Should Definitely Try

Bixby Tips and Tricks

If you have recently purchased a brand new Samsung device, you might be always curious to know the ability of Bixby’s voice. Well, the Bixby is a Samsung device voice and virtual assistant that is compatible with tap, touch, and voice.

Well, most Samsung device users think that Bixby is quite similar to a Siri. But in reality, Bixby is quite different from it. How to use Bixby? Is that the question right now! No worries we have mentioned handy tricks and tips of Bixby. To continue reading the article and make your life more at ease with Bixby.

Best Bixby Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets

Add Quick Commands

Don’t want to remember a long array of commands? Well, luckily you can shorten them by moving towards My Bixby > Quick Commands. Right from there, press the Make Your Own Quick Command. Just after that, hit +Bixby Command and select the desired command you want to replace. To end up, hit the Microphone Icon and record new command.

Trick 1: Bixby Vision Can Be Used As A Translator

Nowadays you will definitely come over the international languages infamous social media and the great thing is we are always curious about what actually mean. No worries! Bixby could definitely fix the issue. All you need to perform is, simply open the camera application and hit on the vision. Well, most of the owners of Samsung devices will not be familiar with what a vision icon looks like, it’s an eye shape icon. After hitting on the vision icon then focus the device camera on words and then hit click Text and focus on the word that you want to translate. Now simply move the finger over the word you want the Bixby feature to translate.   

Trick 2: Turn On An Elusive Settings

On busy days it is difficult to remember how to disable/enable various features. In such a case, Bixby is a lifesaver. All you need to do is what ask Bixby to Turn On and Turn Off the feature and Bixby will do it for you. For instance, if you dont know how to turn on the screen, simply say it loud, “Hi Bixby, turn on lock screen”.

Trick 3: Put Bixby Cards On Your Lock Screen

If you are willing to have handy access to the latest social media activity, sports, and weather? Well pressing the Bixby button can do so. You can simply add those cards to the lock screen so that without any hard and fast activity you will always remain updated. To do so simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Hit Show On Lock Screen and tap on the toggle next to it.

Trick 4: Bixby Will Take Notes For You

Get the most out of Bixby as it helps to make notes. However, with keeping open the note-making application and then saying three beautiful words, “Hi, Bixby, dictate”. Just after this, you can proceed to speak notes and words that you want to save. Plus, you can ask Bixby to write a message for you. The only thing to note is the application that uses the Samsung keyboard will have the ability to transcribe speech. To do so simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Go to the Dictation On Keyboard.

Trick 5: Customize Settings

Another Bixby command is to customize the settings. There are varieties of settings on the device and most of them are unknown to the users. Right from enabling/disabling Bluetooth to enabling power saving mode, you can order to the Bixby and it’s done. This aspect is cool that you can order Bixby to turn off notifications to the particular application.

Trick 6: Bixby Will Send Pictures & Message

Bixby is a great phone assistant! There is not a proper command to do so, “Send the image” and Bixby will finish what you. However, if you want Bixby to share your image on social media and if you want Bixby to do so then Bixby will perform the necessary steps to do so.

Trick 7: Bixby Will Capture

This one feature is pretty cool of the Bixby. And at the same point, the feature is pretty handy to handle. Just say and pose “Hi, Bixby capture a pic”.

At the present time, every Samsung device is craved with an extra camera quality feature. Due to this, we become photogenic which ultimately results in a bunch of different images. In such a case, it’s quite difficult to sort out the most liked images. Here is where the role of Bixby comes in role. All you need to do is simply speak “Hi, Bixby, open the gallery and search picture of a brother”.

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