Can I Use Apple Music on Samsung Phone? Yes, Here’s How

Can I Use Apple Music on Samsung Phone

That being said and confessed by many geeks around the world, Apple Music is now one of the greatest Music Service App; beating the giants like Spotify, Pandora, Shazam, YouTube Music, and more. Last few years, we’ve noticed Apple Music giving tough competition to Spotify, which is been ruling this area for a decade or more. But in a little less than 6 years, Apple Music has taken over the business, and currently, it is subscribed to by over 70 Million people across the globe.

Apple Music on Samsung? It is Possible

Pricing and Plans of Apple Music for Samsung?

Apple Music offers a 1-month free trial for first-time users to try and decide whether Apple Music is what they’re looking for. Apple Music offers four different plans,

  • Voice: Available at $4.99/month
  • Student: Available at $4.99/month
  • Individual: Available at $9.99/month
  • Family: Available at $14.99/month

All of these plans have their pros and cons, for instance, with the Voice Plan you cannot use Apple Music on any third-party smartphone, Family Plan can be used by up to six people at the same time, and more. Refer to the below snapshot to know what Apple Music has to offer to you.

Apple Music Plans
Apple Music Plans

Can a Samsung Phone Use Apple Music?

Getting Apple Music on Android, especially on Samsung Phone is easier than ever, Apple itself has made this possible to turn Android folks towards Apple Services and ultimately on Apple devices. YES, Samsung Phones can use Apple Music but with some limitations that leave a reason for Android people to buy Apple iPhones.

Now the question comes how do you use Apple Music on Samsung?

Install Apple Music on Samsung
  • Let the app download and installs completely.
  • You’d need Apple Account to get access to Apple Music Collection, Sign In if you have an existing Apple ID, or Create New Apple Account.
  • Choose Apple Music Plan or Start Trial (1-Month Free).
Download Apple Music on Android
  • Follow on-screen instructions to complete the process and there you go.

How Efficiently You Can Use Apple Music on Samsung?

To be honest, not the whole, but some of the important settings are in your hand to customize and get better music quality as per your requirements. Like, in a Playback section, you can manipulate the EQ to fine-tune the audio. Secondly, the size of the cache can be managed to get a seamless music experience, get Apple Recommendations to explore new music collections, use Content Restriction settings to avoid the content that you don’t like, and much more. Everything is available right in the Settings section of the Apple Music App.  

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