How to fix Samsung Galaxy S21 keeps Losing Signal

Several users have reported that the Samsung S21 signal keeps dropping and losing signal. If you’re facing the same issue on the Samsung phone, then you’ve landed in right place. This article will show you a complete guide to fix the Samsung Galaxy S21 that keeps losing the signal. With no signal on Samsung S21, you won’t be able to call, send messages, connect to the Internet, use internet-oriented apps and other services, and that’s what it makes more crucial.

Start with the following basic tips, and if that doesn’t help, you can move to the next solution.

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Fix Samsung S21 Keeps Losing Signal

Check out you are in the location that has Good Coverage

First and foremost, check out that other device in the same location doesn’t go through the same issue. If another device works accurately, then there is no need to perform any troubleshooting trick, just simply take your device to the Samsung store and replace it. Because it’s confirmed that there is a manufacturing defect due to a hardware problem.

Force Reboot

If all other device doesn’t work accurately, then culprit it is unknown. Now we think it as a minor bug that creates a signal that keeps losing on S21, so to fix it, you need to force reboot your device. Because force reboot refreshes device services and memory.

  • Press the Volume Down Key and Power Button until the logo of the symbol appears.

Reset Network Settings

Most probably the network-related issue on S21 can be due to a change in default network settings. And we still don’t know the culprit behind it, so it’s better to perform Network reset on Samsung Galaxy S21. For that, you need to perform the given below steps.

  1. From the main screen, swipe up to access App Menu.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Select General Management.
  4. Tap Reset.
  5. TouchReset Network Settings.
  6. Hit Reset Settings.
  7. Write a PIN if you have set it up.
  8. Select Reset Settings.
  9. After completion of the process, verify it’s fixed or not.

Factory Reset

If none of the above-mentioned tricks doesn’t work the last option is the factory reset. The factory reset will clear all the data stored in the memory, so we suggest you back-up all the data stored in the device before performing it.

  1. Power Off the device.
  2. Press the Bixby KeyVolume High Key, and the Power Key.
  3. Let out all the buttons when the green logo of the device appears.
  4. Press the Volume Low Button to feature “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”.
  5. Hold the Power Button to select the listed option.
  6. Press the Volume Down Button to highlight “Yes-Delete All User Data”.
  7. Press the Power Key to select.
  8. Reboot System Now will appear after the completion of the procedure.
  9. Press the Power Key to recover the device.

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