Fix Password Autofill Not Working on Samsung?

Fix Password Autofill Not Working on Samsung

The Password Autofill feature on phones and tablets makes life handier, as there is no need to manually enter the password repeatedly on the application and website all day. It’s the perk you can enjoy days on the Samsung. Nevertheless, occasionally Password Autofill doesn’t work on Samsung phones or tab. 

Well, this scenario is the worst just like Bixby Not Working, as they are one of the neediest features. Don’t panic! We have covered all the possible troubleshooting steps, but before going to it, let us know what causes autofill password issue on Samsung Tab & Phone. 

Fix Autofill Not Working On The Samsung Phone

No matter whosoever the culprit is, this article consumes all the possible troubleshooting steps to fix. So continue reading the article without missing out on any of them.

What Causes is Autofill Not Working on Samsung?

While every so often, bugs are the most prominent reason. Besides, sudden tweaks in the device settings could be the reason for a problem. Well, being known to the possibilities aspects and to cut down all the chase we have covered effective and efficient workaround. So just simply begin with the first troubleshooting steps and get rid of it.

Note: Some websites or applications don’t allow saving passwords. Therefore, autofill feature isn’t working on Samsung tablet for some bunch of users.

Force Restart Samsung Phone

The force restart previously worked as a wonder to fix  Apps Misbehaving On Samsung Phone, taking into account, that you can perform the same troubleshooting steps to get a release from Google autofill no longer working. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Step. 1→ Press the Power Button to appear Power Off Menu. Choose Green Restart Phone

Now after, wait for a while until the procedure gets finished. If it doesn’t go away, it’s something different causing the problem with the device. Move to the next workaround. 

Enable And Disable Autofill Settings 

If you have set up an autofill feature but it’s working the wrong direction, try enabling and disabling the feature. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Step. 1→ Head to Settings > General Management
  • Step. 2→ Choose Passwords And Autofill.
  • Step. 3→ Select Autofill With Samsung Pass, and then ensure that either Google or Autofill With Samsung Pass is selected. 

Doing so will refresh the feature at the same point, and give the assurance that the feature is enabled.

Exit Private Browsing

Why is my Samsung autofill not working? Is no more the bigger issue, as of now, it can be due to private browsing. By the time, private browsing allows compiling the task to prevent tracking and protect someone from a miscellaneous activity. 

Force Stop Application

Always we are sturdy over the application, but unfortunately, over time those application gets corrupted and ultimately results in the password autofill not working on Samsung. So in this case, force stopping the application frequently might help tp prevent such a scenario. Force stop application you are having issues with. For example, you are having an issue with the Google app.

  • Step. 1→ Keep pressing on App Icon > “i Icon” > Force Stop.

After completion procedure, always check if the issue still persists or not. For some users, it might be useful, and for some, if it doesn’t work well, move to the next troubleshooting trick.

Clear App Cache

Some of the effective workarounds to fix Apps Keeps Misbehaving On The Samsung Phone is clearing the cache. From now on, the corrupted cache can be the reason for my autofill on Tab won’t work. So let’s just try clearing the application you are having issues with. Take Google Chrome as an example.

  • Step. 1→ Go to Settings > Applications > Chrome > Storage > Clear Cache.

No worries! There will be no data loss, but in case to prevent unwanted situations it’s better to make Backup Of Data On Samsung Phone. After the completion of the procedure, the application will instantly reload with a new cache file.

Update OS

Android OS is useful in case to prevent various issues on the Samsung phone. And the same goes similar with an Autofill feature. Because if your device consumes an outdated OS version, it can cause various problems with applications or the device system. So it is better to update the phone (Settings > Software Update > Download & Install). However, unlike the OS of the device, frequently update the application version too. 

Safe Mode

Safe mode is the last spoon of protein, that can help to find out the culprit behind the issue, at the same, it efficiently fix it. What does Safe Mode do? Well, the safe mode only allows booting up the pre-installed application to run. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Step. 1→ Press the Power Button to highlight the Power Off Menu.
  • Step. 2→ Keep pressing on the Power Off Icon until it features Green Safe Mode Symbol. At last tap on it. 

Now check the autofill in the Safe Mode, if it doesn’t work great, then there is a third-party application causing the issue. Try deleting third-party app one by one and verify the issue. 

Contact Support

Google Autofill not working on the Samsung is looking not going away, try contacting the Official Support Team. As they can give a clear view regarding the issue. 

Bonus Tips: How Do I Adjust or Add Autofill Forms on the Internet App on My Samsung Galaxy Device?

You can easily revise or add the fill field in the Browser. These fields are those which get automatically filled on email address, name, and personal details. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Step. 1→ From the main screen, select Apps. 
  • Step. 2→ Select Internet > More > Settings.
  • Step. 3→ Tap Autofill Profile Or Autofill Form completely depending on the browser you are using.

If you have Samsung Internet Browser > Set My Profile. There will be the option to Autofill your name and email address. And if you are using the Chrome Browser, there will list of autofill.

To Disable Autofill: take the help of the slider to the page to disable or enable

To Edit Autofill: Select the entry initially, then change it.

To Delete Autofill: Select the entry first, then choose the Bin Icon present at the top of the screen. 


That’s where work gets complete because here are some of the effective troubleshooting to get rid of autofill not working. Moreover, if there is other troubleshooting steps which is not mentioned in the article, let us know by dropping below mentioned comment box.


Why Is My Autofill Not Working On My Samsung?

Random Bugs! Yes, you heard right, random bugs are the most reason. However, it can be fixed by restarting the phone, at the same point, force stopping the application. If still the issue persists go through above-mentioned guide.

Why Is Autofill Not Working On My Phone?

Sudden tweaks in the device settings can be the result of various but common issues like autofill not working on Google. So kindly play with device settings as mentioned in the article.

How Do I Change Auto Fill On Samsung?

Go to the Settings > General Management > Autofill With Samsung Pass. After that, ensure that any of the options are selected. 

Where Is Autofill Settings?

For Samsung device, it is located in the General Management. For more convenience go through the complete guide. 

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