How to Create Quick Commands with Bixby on Samsung

How to Create Quick Commands with Bixby on Samsung

Bixby Routines is a mind-blowing feature on Samsung as it learns and adapts our daily habits and reaches out to our needs accordingly. The automated actions are played through the context and clues you have set. 

However, Bixby Routines are great, at the same point, having the quick commands with Bixby is a kind of add-on to the menu. Where you have to speak one phrase and all your task are done. Fortunately, your dream can quickly turn into reality as this article will help you learn how to create quick commands with Bixby.

What Is Bixby Shortcut? How to Create Quick Bixby Commands?

Bixby shortcut is the setting that helps you to compile the Bixby Routines that you have configured on the Samsung phone easier and faster way. 

Easy Way To Create Quick Bixby Commands On Samsung Phone

There is no such hard science to set up the Bixby Shortcut on the Samsung phone, do follow and go through the complete guide as it will clear all your doubts. 

Quick commands are pleasant to the ear, but as new users, some of us aren’t well-known about how to set up it on the Samsung. Why not go with the steps and recommendations mentioned here?

You can Add Upto 50 Quick Commands!
  • Step 1→ Access the Bixby with the help of Side Or Bixby Button.
  • Step 2→ Choose Discover > More Options > Quick Commands.
  • Step 3→ To add up quick commands, select desired categories, unlike Productivity.
  • Step 4→ Select the command and then hit Edit to customize the settings as per your need.
  • Step 5→ After the completion, select Save.

However, here you can only use pre-defined shortcuts in the device. So get and grab your deal instantly!

Create A Custom Quick Command

If the pre-defined recommendation didn’t work for you, fortunately, the Samsung phone allowed you to customize the Bixby shortcut command according to your need.

  • Step 1→ Unlike the first step, open the Bixby with the help of the Side and Bixby Button.
  • Step 2→ Select Discover > More Options (Three Vertical Dots).
  • Step 3→ Choose My Commands. On the next screen, you will receive the Bixby Quick Commands that are already pre-defined in the device.
  • Step 4→ To design a custom command, hit Add. Re-write the phrase that will do your task quickly, for example, It’s Too Dark.
  • Step 5→ Then, choose to Add A Command and can use the pre-defined to do desired tasks. 
  • Step 6→ After the completion hit Save. Now and forever, whenever you will speaker the command, it will compile Bixby itself will compile the task.  

Here we end up with simple steps to compile the personalized Bixby on your Samsung phone. 

Use Your Bixby Quick Commands

Now you have created the various quick commands on the Samsung phone, it’s time to begin using them. To execute, navigate to the Bixby. After that, say the desired command you have created. In the end, Bixby will finish up the task. 

Share A Quick Command

The personalized quick commands are always good to have, and if you want to share them with friends or family members, fortunately, you can do so by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Step 1→ Head to the Bixby using the Side or Bixby Button. Choose Discover > More Options > Quick Commands.
  • Step 2→ Select My Commands and then after choosing any command. On the next screen, select Share located at the bottom. Now, tap on the desired and comfortable way of Sharing.

Ask the receiver to open the message and click on the link, doing so will identically prompt the command on their device only when the Bixby is installed.

Add A Quick Command To Your Home Screen

As of now and forever, you will be habitual with Bixby quick command to compile daily tasks and for more convenience and comfort you add the Bixby command to the home screen for an easy-to-access experience. 

  • Step 1→ Access the Bixby by pressing the Side or Bixby Button. Select Discover
  • Step 2→ Hit More Options > Quick Commands
  • Step 3→ Select My Commands and hit on the desired one.
  • Step 4→ Choose Add To Home > Add.

After the completion, the icon of the selected command will be added to the Home Screen. With the same steps, you can more quick commands. 

Bonus Tip: What Are Most Useful Bixby Quick Command?

Well as a sturdy user of Bixby Quick Commands, we have found got some of the most useful Bixby Quick commands to be used on the Samsung phone. So kindly go through it and set up the best one.

  1. Click A Picture
  • Access the Camera with food mode and capture the image.
  • Auto adjusts the image.
  • Start Gallery and move the image to the recent picture to food…

2. Optimize Phone

  • Navigate to the recent apps and close all.
  • Restrict all apps to use Battery when not in use.

3. Good Morning

What’s Weather Today?

My Daily Schedule.


4. I’m Leaving Work

  • Disable Wifi.
  • Connect the Buds with a phone.
  1. I’m At Work
  • Enable vibrate mode.
  • Disable AOD.
  1. I’m At The Gym
  • Play The Music (Motivational Songs).


Bixby routines along with shortcut commands offer a bunch of possibilities, however, you can easily experiment with it for varieties of conditions and actions. And for more convenience, you can add it to the Home Screen for quick access to compile the task. 


How Do I Add Command To Bixby?

You can add the Bixby Command from the Samsung Settings. For more detailed learning, go through the above-mentioned guide.

How Do You Activate Bixby Without Pressing The Button?

There is no need to press any physical button on either Samsung phone or tablet to call up the Bixby, you can access it hand-free by setting up Voice Wake Feature. After configuring it, just speak “Hi, Bixby”.

Can You Make Bixby Say Things?

Yes, to experience more realistic usage, you can customize the Bixby to respond accordingly.

Can I Rename Bixby?

Well, it’s a trademark for Samsung, so can’t rename or uninstall the Bixby on the Samsung phone.

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