[Updated] Fix Samsung Not Connecting to Wi-Fi Automatically

Wondering why Samsung not connecting to Wi-Fi automatically and other devices do connect? However, this could be inconvenient when you need to perform certain internet-based tasks, likewise downloading large files, updating OS, or streaming videos or music, but your phone won’t connect or recognize Wi-Fi at your home or office. Fuss not! In this troubleshooting article, I will explain what to do when Android Samsung not automatically connecting to Wi-Fi. So let’s crack the deal!

Fix Wi-Fi Auto Reconnect Not Working on Samsung

Ensure Your Samsung Device In Network Range

Beginning with a basic workaround can work wonders. Weak Wi-Fi strength can be why Samsung Galaxy S23 may fail to connect to a Wi-Fi Network automatically. Even if there is a 5GHz band, the Samsung phone needs to stay nearer to the router. Before you ride with an advanced solution, ensure this isn’t the culprit.   

Set Up Auto Reconnect Settings 

It’s time to ensure that your Samsung phone or tab is configured to connect automatically to your preferred Wi-Fi network. 

To verify, go to Settings and choose Connections. Select Wi-Fi, and up next, tap on Settings Gear Icon next to the preferable connection. Lastly, turn on the toggle next to Auto Connect. 

Note: If your Samsung device is connected to a network, choose Three-Vertical Dots in the top right corner and tap Advanced Settings. Now tap Manage Networks and hit on the network you are willing to configure. 

Check Wi-Fi Password

Another prominent reason why wifi won’t connect automatically Samsung Galaxy is the wrong password. This could happen if you or a family member has changed the password and haven’t updated it on your device. To fix it, go to Settings > Connections. Select Wi-Fi. Choose Three-Vertical Dots > Advanced Settings. Tap on Manage Network and then select Network. Lastly, choose to Forget from the bottom of the screen. Now head back to the Wi-Fi Settings Page, and connect the network using the correct credentials.

Configure Samsung To Turn On Wi-Fi Automatically

When this feature turns on, the Samsung phone automatically enables Wi-Fi and connects to a frequently used network. The accidental or intentional tweak in this setting can be a reason for the won’t automatically connect wifi issue on your flagship. To re-configure or verify, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings and then tap on Connections.
  2. Select Wi-Fi. Up next, tap on Three-Vertical Dots > Intelligent Wi-Fi. 
  3. Enable the toggle next to Turn Wi-Fi On/Off Automatically. 

Stop Samsung From Switching To Mobile Data Automatically

Is your Samsung Galaxy device automatically enable Mobile Data? This happens because Switch To Mobile Data is enabled; now, the feature aims to turn on mobile data when the connected Wi-Fi is unstable or slow.

  1. From the screen, swipe down the notification panel and long press on Wi-Fi Icon. This will navigate you to Wi-Fi Settings.
  2. Now hit on Three-Vertical Dots at the top right corner and tap Intelligent Wi-Fi. Turn off the toggle next to Switch Mobile Data. 

Turn Off Battery Saver Mode

Battery saver mode is a useful feature when Samsung Battery Keeps Draining Faster. As of now and forever, it aims to imply a certain limitation on device features, including preventing phones from scanning and connecting to a saved network. To disable it, head to Settings and move to Battery And Device Care. Choose Battery and disable the toggle next to Power Saving. 

Boot To Safe Mode

In rare cases, bad coded third-party applications can cause several issues, including Samsung S23 S22, S21, and so on, not connecting to Wi-Fi automatically. To pick out the villain, you need to boot your Samsung device to Safe Mode. Ever since, only pre-installed applications are allowed in the Mode. To activate it, press the Power Button, and from the Power Off Menu, long press on Power Off Icon. From the next screen, tap on Green Safe Mode Icon.

Now check Samsung device is connecting to Wi-Fi automatically. If not, head back to normal mode by restarting device. And then, one by one, uninstall the application and check the issue. That’s It!

Still, Samsung Not Automatically Connecting To Wi-Fi. Try Reset Network Settings

The only solution left is resetting network settings. This will bring the device back to default settings and fix the problem caused due to wrongly configured network settings. However, there will be no data loss.

  1. Go to Settings. Choose General Management.
  2. Select Reset and hit Reset Network Settings.
  3. Choose Reset Settings.

Once the procedure finishes, reconnect to a similar network, and your Samsung phone will automatically connect to Wi-Fi. 

Fix Samsung Not Connecting To the Internet!

We hope now your Samsung phone can automatically connect to Wi-Fi. If not, contact the internet service provider or re-configure the router settings. Similarly, if the issue is from your side, you can Contact Samsung Support and ask for further assistance. 

How Do I Connect To Wi-Fi On Samsung?

Access the Notification Panel, long press the Wi-Fi from there. You will be now navigated to Wi-Fi Settings. Tap on the desired network and then enter password. Lastly, choose Connect.

Why Wi-Fi Not Working In Samsung Phone?

First thing, ensure you are really connected to Wi-Fi, similarly your phone should be within the range. And is still wifi not working on Samsung, try restart both Phone and router. And in case, the issue persists, you can contact to ISP or Samsung Support.

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