[Updated] Fix WhatsApp Not Downloading Images/Videos Samsung

Even though there are various chatting apps, WhatsApp remains the top. It offers a convenient way to stay in contact with family members and friends. And what’s great is it keeps on upgrading with new features, just like WhatsApp Avatar. Even though the application is well-built, some users are experiencing WhatsApp media not downloading. They say when tapping the Download Button media, it surfs and receives the Download Failed Pop-up

If you are wondering why it faces such issues on Samsung, there are many reasons behind it. The best part is I have found the reasons and, accordingly, a solution that can fix WhatsApp Related Issues. 

Fix WhatsApp Images and Media Not Downloading on Samsung

Check Internet Connection

Usually, due to the limited the users make such moves to prevent data from draining mobile faster; by turning on Data Saver Mode. But eventually, it affects the Internet Speed On Samsung, preventing applications from using mobile data. To disable the data saver and check for the issue. 

Enable Mobile Data: Swipe down the notification panel and tap on Mobile Data to turn it on.

Whatsapp Media Not Downloading On Wi-Fi, Check If It’s Turn On: Swipe down the notification panel, hit on Wi-Fi Icon, tap on a preferable network, and enter the credential to connect it. Moreover, there might be a possibility that WhatsApp media not downloading due to Wi-Fi Not Working On Your Samsung. 

Is WhatsApp Down Today?

Is WhatsApp not downloading images? Check the WhatsApp Server Status. If you find outraged, don’t try fixing the issue, as the problem isn’t from your side. And let it get fixed on its own. 

Restart Samsung Device

You can also restart your Samsung device. Since it’s found to be an effective solution to fix minor bugs. And if restart doesn’t work for you, try to force restart. To do so, press the Power Button and Volume Low Button for a couple of seconds.  

Force Stop WhatsApp

WhatsApp images not downloading in the gallery go with force stopping WhatsApp. Force stopping will refresh application memory and functionality. At the same point, resolve application-level of bugs. To force stop, long-press WhatsApp Icon and choose “i Info Button.” Scroll down and tap Force Stop. 

Clear Cache WhatsApp

A cache is one of the essential parts of an application. It enhances performance, but over time if it gets overwhelmed, App Misbehaving Is Normal On Samsung. To fix such possibilities, long press on WhatsApp Icon and tap “i Info Icon.” And then, select Storage, and lastly, hit Clear Cache. 

Is Storage On Samsung Full?

Despite active and stable internet and no outrage WhatsApp Server, you might go through Whatsapp not downloading media on Samsung. This can be due to Samsung device storage is full. Please refer to our guide on How To Clear Storage On Samsung Phones.

Check Storage Permission

Storage-related settings must be configured to prevent app-related issues, including not downloading photos and videos in WhatsApp. Head to Settings, and choose Apps > Manage Apps. Select WhatsApp > App Permissions > Storage.  

Update WhatsApp

Check WhatsApp is running on the latest version of the device. Since an outdated application contains a bug causing photos and videos not to download in WhatsApp. To update, navigate Playstore and type WhatsApp in the search bar at the top. And then click on Update Button, if available. 

Reset Network Settings

Is WhatsApp media not downloading on Samsung after the android update? This can be due to tweaks in the network settings due to updates. However, you can reset network settings to the default. To do so, follow the steps below. 

Note: There will be no loss of personal data stored in your Samsung device. 

  1. Go to Settings App.
  2. Choose General Management > Reset.
  3. Tap Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  4. Hit Reset Settings > Reset for further confirmation.

Reset App Preferences

Ap practical troubleshooting in this situation is resetting app preferences. To do so, head to Settings and then tap Apps. Choose Menu Icon (Three-Vertical Dots), then hit Reset App Preferences and Reset. And now, check for the issue. 

Fix WhatsApp Media Not Downloading!

If you are going WhatsApp media-related issue, you resolve it with any of mentioned above tips and tricks. However, if you are still facing issues, it’s time to Contact WhatsApp Support.

How To Configure Auto-Download On WhatsApp?

By default, the application will automatically download media. But if you turn the feature off earlier, go to WhatsApp > More. Select Settings > Storage And Data > Media Auto-Download. Now from the three options; When Using Mobile Data, When Connected To Wi-Fi, or When Roaming, select the one.

Whenever you download media by own, it will be stored under the Phone’s Gallery. This is due to Media Visibility is enable by default. Keep a note the feature only implies to new media that’s downloaded once the feature has been enabled or disabled and doesn’t apply to older photos and videos.
To Stop From All Individual Chats And Groups From Being Saved: Head to WhatsApp > More > Settings. Tap on Chats and then disable Media Visibility.
To Stop Media From A Particular Individual Chat Or Group: On WhatsApp, open the chat of individual or group. Select More, and hit the Group Subject or Contacts. Up next, select Media Visibility > No. And then OK.

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