6 Best Samsung Controlled Air Purifiers 

What are best Samsung Control Air Purifier? With an increasing amount of pollution in the environment, you might want to invest on one. Eversince, there are many Air Purifiers available in the market, but one those being operate from the Samsung phone or tab while sitting in one corner of home; to increase or decrease fan speed, diving in-between of modes are satisfying options.

We have curated the list of best Samsung Control Air Purifier. We have mention the range of features, and prices go through the each options and protect yourself from the certain allergies.

Best Samsung Controlled Air Purifiers

Samsung BESPOKE Cube Air Purifier


This Air purifier is one of the most expensive. However, there are considerations and feature that makes it worth buying. For starters, its multilayered HEPA filtration system helps to prevent dust, smoke, air borns, and odors, and best to go if your rooms are big. 

The 5-Way suction draws rapid and comprehensive clean air and circulates air in multiple directions. Besides this, Pet Mode firmly decreases Pet Hair and Odors. 

The combination of Smart Control + Advanced Display + Micro Sensor, faculties impurities, and accordingly enhances the purification mode. The best part is that this purification system is quieter than a whisper, and all things are control using Samsung Smart Things App.

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Samsung Bluesky Compact Air Purifies


While the price tag is relatively high, the Samsung Bluesky is the best option for users seeking air filtering in a single room. The multilayered high efficient purification let down the graph of Harmful gases and clear out 99.97% of particles like Ultrafine and Pollen Dirt. 

Offers effortless control over the purification settings, turn on and off air purifiers with a single tap in the Smartthings App. For more convenience, you can verify the level of air easily and quickly from the color-coded display on the purifier, and the best thing the alert notification icon blinks when there is a need to filter change. 

Auto mode features continuously analyze air impurities and automatically change the fan speed when needed. To lessen the disturbance, the sleep mode makes the fan quieter and reduces the light brightness. Available in Grey color and compatible with both iOS and Android.

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LEVOIT Air Purifier


The Levoit is truly an air purifier for dust. It scans the surrounding nano containments and accordingly uses the technology to keep the air fresh. The air purifier is fully accessible and monitored with just a tap on VeSync App. You can connect to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice commands.

The advanced AirSight Plus Technology is said to be more accurate than Infrared Laser Technolgy, capturing particles down to 0.3 Size. And it’s practically used and found to circulate pure air in 635 Sqft in just 12 minutes.  

No disturbance while studying or sleeping in the room, or else attaining an important meeting, as it’s craved with QuietKEAP Technology that offers enhanced filtration with low sound as low as 26db to a maximum of 50db, isn’t it great!

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Coway Airmega 400S


The best thing we found is the purifier is silent even at the highest fan speed. During the usage, we found some impressive results; the air purifier brought down smoke and dust particle in a large room(1500sqft to 220sqft) in just 30 Minutes. 

Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with Google Assistant, but Amazon Alexa works excellently. The IoCare Mobile App helps to switch in-between the feature. However, the built-in smart feature is conquering the app control since it makes the air purifier turn off depending on the air quality.

The air purifier is super convenient for a room with a considerable size, recommend it for 1500sqft space.

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Coway AP-1512HH


Unlike the LEVOIT, the Coway includes three filters; Pre-filters, Deodorizer, and Green HEPA. The Coway can clear 99.7% of Airborne particles if we talk in numbers. On the other side, the latter detaches out the fine air pollutants like Smoke and Dust. 

For more convenience, the Air Purifier is compatible with Alexa, and the pre-define IoCore App establishes the Wi-Fi connection. And great thing is you can firmly control feature by giving the Voice Command, increase/decrease fan speed, spying at filter health, turning off and on, etc. 

No sound while using it. And Eco Mode enables the device to run in energy-saving without hindering the purifying capabilities. It works great, whether at home, office, or hall.

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Dyson Purifier Cool TP07


If you are a fan of smart purifiers; want to control all thing from Samsung or any other phone, Dyson Purifier is for you. But for this, you should have strong Wi-Fi whether you are in another corner of home or office.  

The Dyson app lets you control the fan speed and modes. It doesn’t end here. You can also overview air quality statistics and can add Voice Commands by linking the best air control purifier to Google Assistant, not compatible with Alexa. 

The performance of air purifiers is jaw-opening, including HEPA filters of clearing 99.9% of microns. Additionally, the Carbon Layer clear-outs harmful VOC, Bad Odors, and Gases, all within 15-20 minutes.

However, the price is relatively high; you have to spend a hefty amount to get a slew of features. 

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Make Surrounding Air Purified

We have share the comprehensive list of best Samsung Air Purifiers. From the premium priced Samsung BESPOKE Cube Air Purifier to the large room Coway Airmega 400S mid-range air purifiers. These are air purifier that’s best for your home and office conference room.

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