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How to Show Network Speed in Samsung Phone?

Check Internet Speed on Samsung Phone

Tracking internet speed is an essential part of our daily routine if we don’t get promised internet speed after paying a full charge, it’s quite unacceptable. It is applicable to both, Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. Every moment we need the internet, to check WhatsApp Messages, Emails, Tweets, Breaking News, and obviously for work purposes. The easiest approach to check the internet speed on Samsung phones is to bring the speed meter to the status bar. However, we can check it by running a speed test in the browser or third-party application, but that doesn’t help, as you have to follow the three-four steps to check the internet speed on the Samsung.

One of the saddest things about buying the Samsung phone is, it doesn’t have a native feature to check the speed of the internet. So how do you display the network speed in the status bar? Well, downloading the app called Internet Speed Meter Lite, would help you show the speed. Also, we’ve collected three more apps that show the speedometer in the status bar, in case if you don’t like the Internet Speed Meter Lite.

How to Display Network Speed in Status Bar (Samsung S20, S10, Note 20/10, M Series, A Series, Tab, Any Samsung Phones)

Display Network Speed in Status Bar without Application on Samsung Phone?

Unfortunately, as I said earlier, the Samsung phones don’t have an inbuilt feature to show network speed unless you prefer to download the third-party application. Some of the users have already raised their voice to bring speed meter features on Samsung Phones in Samsung Community. Hopefully, the developers would consider your needs and may add the Internet Speed Meter in the very next update.

Till then why not download the best network speed checker app on Samsung S20, S10, Note 10, etc.

Which Apps are Best to Show Internet Speed on Samsung Phones?

  1. Internet Speed Meter Lite
  2. NetSpeed Indicator: Internet Speed Meter
  3. Internet Speed Meter
  4. Data Monitor: Simple Net-Meter

So far these are the four best Internet Speed Indicators for Samsung Phones, we know and tested. Here’s the quick overview of the apps, you may want to check to make a decision and get the most out of it.

Internet Speed Meter Lite

The Internet Speed Meter Lite is ultimately the best app to show the speed in the status bar, there are dozens of features that you don’t want to miss at all. On installing the app, the speed meter will appear in the status bar, along with the Upload and Download Speed in the notification bar. It supports both, Mobile Data and Wi-Fi. You can get the 30-days statistics for the data usage per day. More customization options are available in the Preferences of the app.

NetSpeed Indicator: Internet Speed Meter

Whilst adding the real-time speed meter in the status bar, NetSpeed Indicator also displays the daily internet consumption in the notification bar. The network speed will not appear in the status bar when the phone is not connected to the internet, this helps if you like the status bar clean. It only focuses on delivering the best user experience, so NO ADS and BLOATWARE.

Internet Speed Meter

This speed meter is highly customizable, it lets you switch the position of real-time speed meter from left to right and vice versa, also you can change the size of the meter. In addition, the app can track the mobile data and Wi-Fi data, keeping the stats for both separately. To explore more settings, download the app and visit the settings of the app.

Data Monitor: Simple Net-Meter

Data Monitor: Simple Net-Meter is simple and easy to use, comes with advanced statistics options to track the internet speed as well as data usage. It features Net Meter, Network Connection Analysis, Network Usage Analysis Tools, and Wi-Fi Scanner. However, if you do like Widgets, then Data Monitor has one that can be helpful without opening the app every time.

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