16 Ways to Increase Cellular Data Speed on Samsung

A slow cellular data speed on Samsung is frustrating. As it completely ruins – both the serious and fun stuff. Web pages and app takes time to load or Even Keeps On Crashing. Additionally, playing games online become more painful.  In this guide, we will walk you through the best tips to increase the mobile data speed on Samsung. So before it gets on your nerves, try this out. 

How Boost Mobile Internet Speed On Samsung 

Switch To LTE/4G Or 5G

If your carrier and device are compatible, configuring to LTE/4G or 5G can drastically enhance cellular data speed on Samsung. Ever since, the latest technology boost internet speed on Samsung phone. 

If you carry an older Samsung device, it might not be able with this feature. You have the latest model; navigate to Settings > Connections. Choose Mobile Networks > Network Modes. And then select one from 4G or 5G.  

Disable Data Saver Mode

The feature degrades the amount of mobile data the applications use, especially if you have a limited data plan. When turned on, the aspect may make your Samsung device slower. To turn it off, go to Settings and select Connections > Data Usage. Tap Data Saver. Tap on the toggle next to Turn On Now.  

Turn On/Off Airplane 

One of the easiest and most effective ways to refresh your cellular connection is by turning on/off Airplane Mode. To do so, swipe down the Notification Panel, and tap on the Airplane Mode Icon to enable. Now hold for a few seconds and re-tap to disable it.

Restart Your Samsung Device

It seems a simple trick, but it’s an effective way to fix minor bugs and resolve many issues on Samsung. At the same point, the company itself recommends restarting Samsung once a week. Press the Power Button, select Green Restart Option, and let restarting procedure gets finished.

Reset Network Settings

To boost the mobile data speed, Wiping out the network settings is another way you can try. However, there will be no loss of data while performing it. It will reset all the network-related settings to the default, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and VPN. Go to Settings > General Management. Choose Reset and then tap Reset Network Settings. Select Reset Settings > Reset

Update Samsung Device

If your Samsung isn’t updated to the latest OS, it may not work efficiently as it needs to. As of now and forever, updates have been launched to enhance the performance of Samsung phones. Not to mention, it also fixes Samsung Wi-Fi speed. Head to Settings and select Software. Tap Download And Install, and then hit Download

Disable VPN

VPN on Samsung allows accessing the data unavailable in your region at the same point and hides your identity. However, it also uses mobile data. That’s the reason turning off VPN speed up Samsung phone internet. 

Disconnect Devices From Your Hotspot

Cellular data on Samsung will go slow if you have others connected to the hotspot. Most prominently when you do a heavy task, play online games, or stream videos on either device. Move to Settings > Connections. Hit Mobile Hotspot And Tethering and disable toggle next to the Mobile Hotspot. 

Move To Ideal Spot For Better Coverage

Your current location plays a vital role in increasing mobile data speed. Keep note that barriers like Mountains, buildings, and even trees can spoof the normal network working. 

Similarly, walls and objects can weaken the network strength inside the home. That’s why moving to more substantial network receptions can boost internet speed. The issue may be within the application or website.

Avoid Using Network Heavy Apps

Array-off applications consume more bandwidth if the applications are frequently syncing and updating. As of now, constantly updating can degrade the internet speed and ultimately drains your complete data plan. So it’s better to avoid using heavy network apps.

Do a Maintenance Check

  1. Open the Settings App.
  2. Select Device Maintenance.
  3. Choose Fix Now.
  4. Tap on Storage. Pick up the type of files you want to delete.
  5. Hit Delete.

Turn On Data Saver

One of the secret code to increase internet speed on Samsung Galaxy is turning on data saver.

  1. Access the Settings App.
  2. Choose Connections.
  3. Select Data Usage.
  4. Hit Data Saver.
  5. Toggle off Data Saver. 

Using Data Saver in Chrome

  1. Open the Chrome App.
  2. Select Three-Dots in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Swipe down and select Data Saver.
  5. Toggle off Data Saver.

Reinsert Or Clean SIM Card

Sometimes slow internet on Samsung can be caused by a corrupted SIM Card. Try removing and re-inserting the SIM, which can help to fix various issues, including SIM Card Not Detecting. Besides this, cleaning SIM with a soft cotton cloth can clear out jammed residue. 

Properly Charge Your Device

A loosely or weak power supply can affect the internet speed on Samsung, auspiciously, when there is low charging. To enhance the internet speed on Samsung Tab, keep your phone or tab fully charged before compiling heavy internet activity. Apart from this, you can also have GaN Charger for Samsung to charge rapidly. 

Contact Samsung Support

When all the tricks mentioned above do not boost internet speed, get in touch with a service provider. They may give further assistance to fix internet-related problems. Furthermore, if you encounter a carrier-related issue, you can switch carriers.

Bottom Line

Mobile data speeds are often temporary and can be resolved by simple tweaks. In the meantime, continue performing tips mentioned above until you find the one to increase the internet speed on Samsung.

How To Check Internet Speed On Samsung?

To speed check, navigate to the Settings App > Connections. Tap Wi-Fi, and select Settings Gear Icon next to the connected network. There you will see network speed.

How do i fix slow internet on a Samsung phone?

Well, its not one tap job to fix the slow internet connection, you will have to go through a list of workarounds like you must be in strong cellular area, you should have internet package active, etc. Read the article carefully, to fix the internet speed issue.

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