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Fix Samsung S21Ultra, S21, S21Plus Not Detecting SIM Card

No matter whatever the technology your phone has “receiving and making calls” is the most important feature of any flagship. And when the device shows up “SIM Card Not Detected”, it result, you have lost fundamental device usage. Undoubtedly the problem can be considered frustrating and you need instant resolution.

Now it may look like a complicated issue, but can be solved effectively in most cases. Here we will present the workaround that resulted in the most effective way to fix SIM card not detecting on Samsung.

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Fix Samsung S21, S21Plus, S21Ultra Not Recognizing SIM Card

Verify If SIM Direction Is Correct

Many users make the mistake while inserting the SIM, such as SIM inserted in the wrong direction and that’s the reason card not detected on Samsung. So firstly verify that SIM is placed in the correct direction on the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Test If the SIM Card Is Active

These will help to regulate where the issue exactly lies. For that, use the same SIM on different mobile. And if the smartphone doesn’t recognize SIM, then the issue is within the SIM.

  • Firstly, talk to the network service provider to confirm SIM is active or not.
  • Also verify, SIM registration is done perfectly.
  • Verify if the Golden point on the SIM is cleaned. And if you notice the dust over it, gently clean the SIM with soft cotton clothes.

Enable the SIM Card

It’s time to verify network and SIM card configuration. Go to Settings>Mobile Network. Right under SIM Card Info And Settings, hit the SIM, and hit Toggle to enable it. Also, ensure that Data Roaming is enabled.

Turn ON and OFF Airplane Mode

Enabling the Airplane mode will refresh all the networks and service settings. For that, swipe down the Notification Panel> search for the Airplane Mode Icon and hit on it to enable. Wait for few seconds and disable it. After that see if SIM not detecting on Android device is fixed or not.

Soft Reset Your Device

It’s super simple but effective because it can fix any type of bug in the device. To perform, press the Volume Low Button and the Power Button simultaneously. Continue pressing it for 10 seconds, and the device will restart. In a normal scenario, No SIM error will be fixed when the device boot up.

Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network settings will bring back the device settings to default. In normal words, you have to re-enter the Wi-Fi password. But this handy workaround will fix the SIM car issue on Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+. For that, follow the given below steps.

  • From the main screen, swipe up to access App Tray.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Go to General Management.

Tap Reset>Reset Network Settings>Reset Settings.Perform Factory Reset

The problem can be fixed by now. But if this is not the case, the last option you have to do is perform a factory reset. Ensure to back up all the data stored in the device. This workaround will take a bit, but it can solve a problem and bring back the device to default.

  • Head to Settings.
  • Go to General Management.
  • Tap Reset>Factory Data Reset.
  • Lastly, hit Reset.

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