[Tip] Should You Buy New iPhone or Replace Battery in 2023

iPhone Battery Replacement, is it worth it? This is one of the most frequently asked questions among iPhone nerds. We’ve covered answers to your questions and clarified whether you should buy a new iPhone or replace the battery. Many iPhone users have encountered that after 18 months, the iPhone battery starts drowning down, and within no time, the iPhone battery will create a mess for you.

Is it Worth Replacing iPhone Battery, or Should I Buy New iPhone?

iPhone running slow, iPhone battery drops from 100% to flat within a few hours, or iPhone turns off on its own? Well, many signs directly tell whether you should get the iPhone battery replaced or buy a new device. To measure the iPhone Battery’s Life, Apple introduced the Battery Health feature back in 2018 with iOS 11.3 update, its an amazing feature that clearly shows whether the iPhone battery needs to be replaced or not.

That being said by Apple, an iPhone can retain up to 80% battery of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t added any feature that counts the battery recharge cycles, and no one has leisure time to track the recharge cycle count.

At the same time, investing in a new iPhone could empty your pockets, especially if you prefer to buy iPhone Pro or iPhone Pro Max. However, a battery replacement costs only $69 for iPhone X or newer and $49 for iPhone 8 or earlier. And for users who have AppleCare+ or the iPhone is under warranty, Apple offers free battery replacement.

Where Do I Get My iPhone Battery Replaced?

Apple Stores

This is the most reliable option to get your iPhone battery replaced. For iPhone X or later, an iPhone battery costs $69 and older for iPhone models, you’ll have to pay $49 if you don’t have AppleCare+ or the iPhone is out of warranty. Visit the nearest Apple Store, and get the job done.

Apple Authorized Service Centres

Not all regions have Apple’s Official Store, but Apple Resellers or Apple Authorized Stores are available widely. Apple’s Authorized stores have well-trained and certified staff; you may take iPhone to get the battery replaced.  

Local Repair Shops

If you trust your Local Repair Shop, then only it is recommended. Otherwise, local untrained staff could damage the iPhone.


Do It Yourself isn’t recommended because once you open the device, it will void Apple’s Warranty, and if anything goes wrong, it won’t be covered under Apple’s Warranty, and you’ll have to pay extra. Back up the iPhone before doing it yourself.

How much does iPhone Battery Replacement Cost?

According to Apple’s latest updates, they will raise battery replacement costs directly by $20, effective from March 1, 2023. Right now, the battery replacement cost for iPhone X or later is $69, and for iPhone 8/8Plus or earlier, is $49; this is applicable for out-of-warranty devices and those who don’t have AppleCare+. You can check the iPhone Battery Replacement Cost from its official page.


You definitely don’t need to buy a new iPhone if there’s an issue with the battery. Refer to the above options and get the iPhone battery replaced.

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