Tips and Tricks to Save PS5 Controller Battery Life

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Most awaited PS5 is now available and already delivered to the people who have successfully placed the order. The brand new DualSense Controller is packed with incredible features that you won’t get in any other gaming console. Impressive haptic sensors, adaptive triggers, mesmerizing hardware, and its advanced features are enough to win the hearts of the gamers. Besides, compared to PS4 DualShock Controller, PS5 Controller is equipped with a 1560mAh battery which is 560mAh more than PS4 Controller, that’s a win-win and the best thing about the PS5.

Despite having a huge battery capacity, many gamers are reporting the rapid battery drain of the PS5 Controller. To overcome this, we’ve managed to gather some of the potential tips and tricks to save PS5 Controller’s battery.

How to Save DualSense PS5 Controller Battery? Best Tips to Save PS5 Battery

Reduce PS5 Controller Shutoff Time

By default the PS5 Controller goes off after 60 minutes of inactivity, meaning when you’re not playing games but streaming Netflix or YouTube and the controller is not in use, it’ll automatically turn off after 60 minutes. Why not lower down the PS5 Controller Auto-Shutoff Time and save the controller’s battery.

  1. Go to the PS5 Settings.
  2. Select Power Saving Settings.
  3. Select Turn Off PS5 Controller Automatically.
  4. Here choose 10 minutes.

Thereafter, the PS5 Controller will automatically shut off, when not in use for 10 minutes and to use it again, just turn it on as usual.

Power Off Controller Manually

Perhaps the best chance to save PS5 Controller’s battery is to turn off manually, rather than waiting for auto shut off. If you don’t need the controller for sure, and going for a ride, then it’s better to make a habit to turn off the Controller manually. I presume you know how to turn off the PS5.

Lower Down Speaker Volume

The PS5 Controller has its own built-in speaker and microphone, which adds minor sound effects when you play games, though major sounding comes from the external speaker of the TV or Stereo set. If you’re ready to compromise little sounding effects just to save the battery of the PS5 controller, here’s how to disable it.

  1. Open the Settings on PS5 Console.
  2. Select Accessories.
  3. Choose Controllers.
  4. Select Volume Control.
  5. From here reduce the speaker volume of the controller.

Dim the Brightness of Controller Indicators and Vibration Intensity

While the PS5 Controller doesn’t have a light bar like PS4 Controller, you can still reduce the brightness of indicators to save minimal battery. It’s not a big shot to improve the battery life of the PS5 Controller but recommended if you wish to use the last juice of the battery. At the same time, reduce the Vibration Intensity of the PS5 Controller.

  1. Go to the Settings on PS5.
  2. Choose Accessories.
  3. Select Controllers.
  4. Adjust the Brightness of the controller and manage the Vibration Intensity.

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