How to Activate 2SV/2FA Two-Factor Authentication on PS5

How to Activate 2SV 2FA Two-Factor Authentication on PS5

It’s no doubt that mostly all the websites and online services are implementing two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security. PlayStation is no different. If you own PS5 or any PS console, don’t leave your PS account without enabling two-factor authentication. Even if your password is compromised or leaked in a data breach, your account is still safe.  

Though, to avoid security issues, we’ve also covered the best practices to keep the PS5 account safe and secure, read that too. You can set up and enable Two Factor Authentication right in the PS5 console while you can do from the web browser, for that refer to the stepwise guide on setting up Two Factor Verification on PS5. 2FA and 2VS are the same, as per your convenience, you can go with any of the methods.

How to Set Up and Enable Two-Step Verification and Two-Step Authentication for PS5

How to Secure a PS5 Account?

That said, never share your PS5 credentials with anyone, neither your friend nor colleague. If anyone gets access to your account, and perform transaction or change settings, you’ll be solely responsible for it. At the same time, if you’re using a PS5 account on another console, don’t forget to sign out.

Firstly, to prevent unintentional consequences, set up two-factor authentication on PS5, and follow these recommended security practices.

Choose a Unique Password: Don’t use any of your personal details or used passwords, and always create a password combination with uppercase, lowercase and special characters.

Set “System Restrictions Passcode”: If you’re worried about your kid playing all the time on PS5, and want to keep an eye on activities, set up system restrictions so no one but except you can tweak parental controls such as Age Rating, Parental Controls, and more. To do so, sign in as Family Manager > Settings > Family and Parental Controls > PS5 Console Restrictions. If you’re setting up for the first time, enter 0000, default passcode, or type the existing passcode. Select Change Your System Restrictions Passcode > Enter the passcode and confirm.

Set up “Require Password at Checkout”: With this, you’re adding an extra layer of security in the PlayStation Store, meaning without entering a password, no one can purchase from your account. Go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Account > Payment and Subscriptions > Purchase Settings > Require Password at Checkout.

Set up 2SV(Two-Step Verification): With 2SV Set up, when you try to log in to PS5, you’ll be asked to enter the Credentials, and verification code, that you’ll get after activating two-factor verification. Jump to the next section to learn how to set up 2FA/2SV on PS5.

Don’t Sign In Over Public Networks: It is recommended not to sign in to a PS5 account when your PC or Laptop or PS5 is connected to the shared Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi of Cafes, Libraries, or Public Transits. Hackers always target the public networks to steal the private information of the devices connected to the Wi-Fi.

Stay Away from Scam Websites: A lot of time people enter the account and personal details in unknown websites in return for a gift or virtual currency. You should avoid doing that.

How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on PS5?

  1. Open the Settings on PS5.
  2. Choose Users and Accounts option.
  3. Select Security.
  4. Select 2-Step Verification.
  5. Next, you’ll see the 2-Step Verification screen; you can select between Text Messages and Authenticator App.
  6. If you go with Text Messages, then enter the mobile number carefully.
  7. While for the Authenticator app, you may have to download the authenticator app and scan the QR Code to save PS5 in the authenticator app and enter the code shown in the authenticator app in the PS5.
  8. After this, PS5 will need your verification, re-login to PS5 with 2FA.
  9. Capture the photo of Back Up Codes and save it somewhere safe, it can be helpful in case you dont have your mobile to authenticate or lost your device or deleted the app.

How to Set Up 2SV Two-Step Verification on PS5?

Likewise, you can use any web browser to set up 2 Step Verification for PS5, here’s how,

  1. Visit the Account Management website on PC or Mobile.
  2. Sign in with the PS5 account.
  3. Locate two-step verification, there you’ll see Edit.
  4. Then click Activate > Continue.
  5. Select from Text Messages or Authenticator App. If you go with Text Messages, then a verification code will be sent to you on the registered mobile number. Alternatively, there are multiple Authenticator Apps are available; you can use that too.
  6. Next, enter the verification code to Sign in.
  7. Store the Back-Up codes safely, in case if you lose access to Authenticator App or Mobile, you can get into the PS5 account by entering Back-Up codes.

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