How to Stream Videos from iPhone, Android to Xbox Console

Xbox Series X, Series S

If there’s a video stored in your android mobile or iPhone that you would like to watch, then why did not watch it on your Xbox Series X instead? Yes, you heard right, aside from gaming console the Xbox is a complete hub of entertainment that allows access to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more.

At the same point, many of the android and iPhone users don’t know how to stream videos, Netflix, or Amazon prime on Xbox Series X. Under this situation, the best way is to go through this blog. With this blog, you can effortlessly play all the videos which would rather helpful in multiple scenarios.

How to Watch Videos from Android, iPhone to Xbox Console

What do we need to connect Android or iPhone to the Xbox Series X console?

To enjoy movies or videos with your Xbox, you need to install an application like iMediaShare, Airsync, AllCast, or Youtube.

What is Xbox DLNA?

A DLNA is a certified feature that searches and allows to share the content from one device to another device. Moreover, you need to install Xbox video to get access to DLNA with a particular Android device for streaming video and files.


The AllCast is a complete video streaming application that allows Android devices and iPhones to stream movies on various devices including Xbox or smart TVs. And mainly free to download from Play-store and apple store.

  1. To link AllCast streaming with Xbox compliances, tap on console’s Settings>Enable Play To.
  2. Swipe down and hit DNLA Proxy.
  3. On your device go to AllCast and search for a nearby device.

And finally, tap Xbox.iMediaShare

With iMediaShare, all your videos, photos, and songs are instantly visible to play on connected Xbox. This app automatically discovers any surrounding devices, all you need to do is just simply play video and song on the big screen. Moreover, the offers various flexible features such as volume adjustment, switch videos, and more.

  1. Firstly connect both the Xbox and iPhone with the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Now tap on the Dashboard of iMediaShare and touch your Device Icon. Doing so will automatically detect the nearby device including the Xbox console.
  3. At this spot, a stable connection will be created between the device and Xbox.

DoubleTWIST iTunes Sync/AirSync&AirPlay

Same as the listed application, you need to connect the app and Xbox console with a similar Wi-Fi network to connect with each other.

  1. From your Android or iPhone device turn on File Sharing because some of the devices required to grant permission to share files.
  2. Download and install AirSync that comes with a built-in Music player and double TWIST Podcast.
  3. Now turn on the app on your console by tapping AirPlay and AirTwist for streaming.
  4. On your device, enable the free double TWIST application to stream stored videos on your Xbox console.
  5. When streaming is turned on, the app reflects streaming permission over the present network.
  6. Hit Double Twist Cast Icon to turn on your Apple TV by selecting Xbox as output.


Youtube is of the most extraordinary video app, which comes with pre-installed video streaming mechanisms. Mainly all the smartphones or iPhones come with pre-installed Youtube, if not, then go to the play store or apple store and download the application.

  1. Firstly, connect the device and Xbox with a similar network.
  2. Go to the YouTube application on your device and tap the Cast option.
  3. On your Xbox console navigate to the YouTube app and log in.
  4. Touch Settings and enable Pair Device.
  5. Your device’s YouTube will be visible on the screen, which turns blue after the completion of pairing.
  6. Now start streaming whichever video you want.


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