Fix Samsung Phone Stuck on Airplane Mode after Update

Fix Samsung Stuck on Airplane Mode

If you receive your Samsung Galaxy Phone’s GPS, Bluetooth, Cellular Service, and Wi-Fi not working, the most common reason is Airplane Mode. As we all know when Airplane Mode turns on all the other feature that can disrupt the flight communication gets turned off. But after turning it on some Samsung phone users reports that they couldn’t able to turn off the Airplane Mode on their device.

We would like to inform you that this is the most common issue that occurs in most Samsung phones and these troubleshooting tricks will help you resolve the glitch.

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How To Fix Samsung Phone Stuck on Airplane Mode

Do Hard Reboot

One of the basic solutions to fix a Samsung phone stuck on the Airplane mode, suggests performing a hard reset as there are chances of firmware-related problems in the device which cause such type of issue. And to fix it with basic troubleshooting steps, there is no other option than a hard reset. To do so simply follow the given below steps.

  • Press the Power Key + Volume Low Key for a few seconds until the device turns off.

Now wait for a couple of seconds and see if the phone stuck on Airplane mode is fixed or not.

Boot Up Device To Safe Mode

Well, the Safe mode is one of the best workarounds to let out the culprit for any kind of issue on the phone. It goes similar in the case of Airplane Mode not turning off on the phone. In this mode, all the third-party applications are not allowed to work. Only pre-installed can function. So if the Airplane mode gets disabled in the Safe Mode, it confirms that your device has a corrupted application. To boot Safe Mode simply follow the given below steps.

  • Press the Power Key to feature Power Off Menu.
airplane mode not turning off
  • From the Power Menu, keep choosing Power Off Symbol until it feature the Safe Mode.
  • Now select Safe Mode.

It’s time to turn off the Airplane Mode in the safe mode. If it gets disabled; confirmed that a third-party app is causing the problem. 

Uninstall third-party applications one by one and see if the issue persists or not.

Stop the Apps From Customizing System Settings

Usually, Samsung flight mode not turning off can be due to the third party in the device altering the main settings. It happens due to you might have installed a corrupted third-party application on the device which keeps constantly turning ON the Airplane mode. 

  • Go to the Settings Application > Apps.
  • Select the Three-Dots Symbol present at the right top corner of the screen.
  • Choose Special Access.
  • Select Change System Settings, doing so, will feature the line-up of the application that can customize the device settings on the Samsung Galaxy phone. 
  • Now after going through the list and then tap on the Switch to disable the application to prevent it from customizing the device settings.

Right after completion of the procedure recommended to restart the device and see if stuck Airplane Mode issue is fixed or not.

Reset Network Settings

Improper Network Settings in the device can lead to a variety of problems. Well, it can be due to the accidental touch and app changing the device settings. Considering the corrupted network settings for the cause not able to turn off Airplane mode on the phone; simply reset network settings. To do so, simply follow the given below steps.

  • Go to Settings > General Management.
  • Swipe down and hit Reset > Reset Network Settings > Reset Settings.

Verify Software Update

An outdated version of the device can be the reason for the Phone’s flight mode not disabling. Verify the version of the software your device have. If it’s not updated simply update and see if the issue gets fixed or not.

Go to Settings > Software Update > Download And Install.

After the completion of the update procedure, turn off the Airplane Mode. If it doesn’t turns off move forward to the next workaround.

Factory Reset

The Last solution to fix my phone stuck on Airplane mode is to reset all settings. Unlike the reset network settings, there might be an inappropriate accidental touch in the device or else there might be a serious firmware bug causing the issue. To fix such a possibility we recommend to perform reset all settings; as doing so will bring back the device to default mode. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Hit General Management > Reset.
  • Choose Factory Reset > Reset All.

Contact Samsung Support

If still, the device doesn’t get back to the normal mode, it’s time to contact Samsung Support. As they might show an inner view of the issue and offers an effective workaround accordingly.

Get Back Network!

These are some of the effective solutions to fix my Samsung Galaxy phone stuck in the Airplane Mode. If it works for you, it’s great! And if you have found another step while scrolling around the internet, simply let us know by dropping in the below comment box.

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