[2023] Best Books Reading Apps for iPhone, Android 

_Best Book Reading Apps for iPhone, Android

Forget those all days where you have to carry the books in the bag; at the same point different books for different kinds of topics. Fortunately, in this digital era, the best eBooks reading application is the only solution to have all your favorite topics on your smartphones. It offers the best way to enjoy the Comics, Literature, and many more topics at a cheaper cost than those print books. What makes those eBooks more convenient to read is, it allows us to sync the same book on multiple devices without paying extras.

Have you made a mind to have one eBook for yourself, and are feeling tough getting the best one, continue reading the article as we have mentioned dozen eBooks Apps for both Android and iOS.

Best Reading Apps for Android & iPhone

Amazon Kindle

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In recent times, Amazon Kindle is one of the best eBook reader app to download. As it’s one of the most trustworthy and consistent eBook on the internet. Moreover, the Kindle users have access to multiple or unlimited programs for FREE. Looking at the feature, the reading app for iPhone allows you to Customize the Display, Font Size, Brightness, and many other features as per. For more convenience and flexibility, the Kindle handily Sync Bookmarks, and Noted throughout multiple devices. Overall it’s a complete mixture of Legibility, Usability, and always value to money reading book app for Android.  

Download For: iOS | Android


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The Scribd is best overall reading eBook app for all devices. It’s a competitor to Amazon, as it boasts Unlimited Access to the Programs; we can tell consider it as Netflix of eBooks. It comes with a Big Library for about more than 50000 Books from 900 Plus authors on different topics like Drama, Literature, Comics, and more. For more convenience in use, the app you use to Customize the Display as per our need, at the same point offers the recommendation on our personal search history. Unfortunately, it’s not free for iOS users.

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The Comixology is one of the best comic eBook’s you can download. As it mostly comes with comic topics from popular comics publisher like DC, Image, and Marvel. Users of this eBook can download their favorite topic and series from Comixology Website and watch them on the small size devices. Moreover, looking at its UI it is quite comfortable and offers hassle-free access to its features and Guide View Mode offers convenient reading on small size devices. The only drawback is it doesn’t allow to import current comics and do in-app purchases on iOS devices.

Download For: iOS Android


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Moving forward in the list of best eBooks reading app for free, we have just got the one Aldiko. It’s one of the best eBook app as it’s compatible with various formats like PDF, EPUB, and DRM. Moreover, it comes with a Customizable and Hassle-Free User Interference. Allows changing the Font Size, Margins, Brightness, and more. Plus, Library Management System allows you easily to sort all your collections and tags. The Basic version is free to use on both iOS and Android devices but the Premium version comes with different abilities like Add Notes, Add-Free Usage, and Highlight. So just have this, it will always be at your side.

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Another best free eBook app for smartphones is one from Realm. In the past time, it was known as the Serial Box, but the name gets changed over time. There is no need to good those big audio chunks, instead with Realm you receive those Short Content. With this application, you will receive varieties of different topics like Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Literature. No matter, whatever the content the first episode is Free, but with subsequent installments for around $1.99 you will receive both audio and text versions of the episode. Looking forward the application is quite interesting to be installed on iOS and Android devices to pass out your boring time. 

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OverDrive is one of the best eBook reader app for iPhone as it is compatible with the device library format. Moving forward, it comes with some of the advanced features like No Late Fees, and keeping a record of when you last stop reading. Unlike the other eBook apps, it doesn’t offer reader power features like customization. However, for more convenience, the OverDrive links up with your device’s local drive and allows you to borrow varieties of eBooks which haven’t actually purchased.              

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Kobo Books 

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The Kobo Books is one of the best reading apps for adults in the region like Canada, the USA, and France. It comes with an over-collection of 5 Million publications and eBooks. Moreover, this iOS eBook allows access to the content from its online store and at the same point, you can import the content of your choice, plus, it supports varieties of formats like PDF, CBZ, EPUB, and CBR. For extra flexibility, it comes with a Customization Feature for both Text and View and the eBook app easily syncs across the devices.

Download For: iOS | Android


Here we end with a list of best apps to read eBooks for free. If you truly like our list of apps. Simply mention which one best eBook in the below comment box.

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