Fix Wireless Charging Not Working With iPhone, Android

Fix Wireless Charging Not Working on Android, iPhone

What would be your digital world without the portable Smartphone have you ever imagined? Your phone is one most important tools to keep connected with both your professional and personal life. Well, all those works completely depend on the Battery Life of the device. Moreover, In this time of technology, there are various accessories like the wireless charger is used for convenience and comfortability in both home and office. What if such a convenient feature if wireless charger stops working?

And dealing with such a kind of issue is a headache. Because you may assume that it’s hardware related problem and you have to spend more to repair it. Fortunately, wireless chargers keep losing connection can also be caused due to various issues, that is why it is advisable to buy compatible and branded Wireless Chargers. In this article, we have mentioned some possible reasons and fixtures to get back the device to charge wirelessly, if you are experiencing the same; then continue reading the article.

What To Do If Wireless Charger Stops Working iPhone & Android Phone?

Restart Phone

Before going through any high-end workaround to fix wireless charging not working on a phone. It’s a kind suggest to restart the device. As it may be due to a random bug in the device. Luckily, restarting the phone was efficient and effective to fix the bugs.

For Android Phone,

  • Press the Power Button > Choose Power Off Icon.
my phone restarting

For iPhone,

  • Press the Power Button to feature Power Off Slider.
  • Drag the Slider to right direction to turn off the device.

Use a Compatible Charger Adapter

Nowadays, there are varieties of companies that manufacture the charging adapter. Which might be either might be cheap or corrupted. In some cases, they are incompatible with Wireless chargers which causes my phone not to work with a wireless charging issue.  So it’s an important suggestion to charge the device either using the using official charger set or else set which comes with Qi-Certification.

Use Different Cable

One of the most common reasons for Android or iPhone not working with wireless charging is a corrupted charging cable. As you might use the same cable for decades or else your charging cable isn’t working efficiently to charge up the device. It’s a kind request to use the Spare Cable If available; if it works with a different cable; confirm that issue lies with the cable.

Detach The Case

Why is my iPhone or Android phone not charging wirelessly? Well, it can be due to the thickness of the case. Most of the wireless chargers are compatible with a case of the thickness of 3mm and if you have recently attached a device with a case of thickness more than that, you will definitely go through such kind of issue. It’s our suggestion to detach the case from the device and try charging it wirelessly, ft charges up, instantly change the case.

Always Use Qi-Certified Charger

Having the pair of chargers with Qi-Certification is one of the best ways to prevent wireless chargers not working with my phone. Firstly verify the charger you are using with your device including Qi-Certification. If not, simply buy the new one or else charge the device using the spare wireless charger. If it comes with a Qi-Certification, it’s time to move on to the next workaround.

Place The Phone Perfectly

One of the most common drawbacks of using the wireless charger is the device should place perfectly at the sweet spot. It is due to all the wireless chargers that come up with pre-installed coil in it. So if the coil is not paired with the device perfectly; it will lead to the phone stopping charging wirelessly as it gets completely disconnected from the phone. To fix the issue, place the phone perfectly at the center of the wireless charger and see if the issue gets fixed or not.

See If Corrupted Applications Are Causing The Issue

If you have recently installed the application after which you are experiencing a phone not charging issue. It can be due to the app you have installed is corrupted. In such a scenario, try uninstalling that application. After the uninstallation links the device with a Qi-Certified charger and verifies if charges perfectly or not.

Turn On Fast Wireless Charging Mode (Android)

Are you experiencing wireless charging working but slowly on Android Phones. Well, a smartphone-like Samsung comes with pre-installed Fast Wireless Charging on its premium flagship. So if you have on the premium flagship; then simply enable the feature and see if the issue gets fixed or not. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Go to Settings > Battery & Device Care.
Wireless charger not working
  • Choose the Battery > More Battery Settings.
fix wireless charger not working
  • Enable Fast Wireless Charging.

Update Phone

Outdated application! Due to your hectic schedule, you might forget to install the latest version of software on iPhone or Android Phone. Due to this, it may cause various kinds of issues; as of now and before updates were usually launched to fix the minor bugs and at the same point to increase the performance of the device. It’s better to verify the version of software your device has, and if it’s an outdated version, update it as soon as possible.

For Android,

  • Navigate to the Settings > Software Update > Download And Install.

For iPhone,

  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Hit Download And Install.

Charge Wirelessly!

These are the best 9 ways to fix wireless chargers not working on Android & iPhone. Hope so, it helps to fix the problem related to all kinds of wireless chargers. And if still, it doesn’t work for you, you might experience a sudden fall or either Wireless Charger or Phone due to which your device encountered the hardware damage. If yes, then it’s better to go to a nearer service station and ask for the same issue.

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