Samsung Notes Keeps Crashing on S10e, S10Plus, Note 10, Note 10Plus

Samsung Notes App Keeps Crashing on S10e
Samsung Notes App Keeps Crashing on S10e

It is a common phenomenon where a Samsung Notes app does not work after an update, faces trouble, or crashes abruptly while launching on Samsung devices. The owners of Samsung devices also add the fact that whenever they access the Notes App, it doesn’t run smoothly, as it should in ordinary circumstances.

In such situations, it is distinct for Samsung users to search out feasible solutions for such irregular glitches Samsung Notes app keeps stopping. Many users are keen to know the reason behind the Samsung Notes app not working S10e.  This article will rebuttal all the queries Why does my notes app keep crashing? How do I update my Samsung Notes app? 

Samsung Notes App Keeps Crashing on S10e
Samsung Notes App Keeps Crashing on S10e

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Trick 1: Update Device

It takes a while for new updates to make their way to Samsung Galaxy devices, but if it is available, it necessary to know how to install and download it. Because the device update can fix minor glitches like Notes app keeps crashing on Note 10.

How to update Samsung Devices?

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Hit Settings Icon.
  • Touch Software Update.
  • Select Download and Install to manually to begin the update.

Trick 2: Update Samsung Notes App

There is a possibility that some of the important files are missing in apps due to which notes app keeps crashing. So to neglect this possibility you need to keep the app updated. If the update is available immediately update the app.

How to Update Samsung Notes App from Galaxy Store on a Samsung device?

  • Access an App Tray.
  • Select Galaxy Apps.
  • Tap My Apps.
  • Hit Update to check for the availability of an update.
  • Touch Update All to update all the Apps.

How to Update Samsung Notes App from Play Store on a Samsung device?

  • Go to Play Store App.
  • Hit the Three Dash located on the left corner.
  • Touch My Apps & Games.
  • Select Update.
  • Check if the update is available for the Samsung Notes App.
  • If available then hit Update.

Trick 3: Restart Device

Multiple issues can be fixed by restarting the device. Restarting the device once in a week is good for prolonging the battery life, preventing crashes, retaining memory. By restarting the device might prevent Notes App from crashing.

How to restart the Samsung device?

  • Switch on the display once by pressing the Power Button.
  • Continue to hold the Power Button.
  • After a few moments three options will visible Power off, Enable Emergency Mode, and Restart.
  • Hit Restart.

After completion of restart verify the issue. If it is not fixed move further to the next step.

Trick 4: Reset App Preferences

This is one of the effective and essential ways when you are struggling with individual applications. Because when we reset app preference the individual app will work smoothly as we have launched it for the first time.

How to reset app preference on a Samsung device?

  • Go to Settings.
  • Swipe and hit Apps.
  • Hit Menu Icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Select Reset App Preferences.
  • Hit Reset.
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