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8 Ways to Fix Samsung Galaxy S20 Won’t Turn On

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Samsung S20 Won't Turn On

Samsung Galaxy S20 won’t turn on if you are perceiving obstacles while turning on your S20. There are two main reasons to be considered, either device is perceiving issues booting up, or the gadget has a fatal hardware issue. In case if you are searching for the best ways to fix galaxy S20 died and won’t turn on, this fact-finding article should help.

Why won’t my Samsung S20 turn on? How do you turn on a Samsung Galaxy S20? All this question is justified in this article. If it is a hardware issue, then you need assistance from Samsung Technicians, however verify it and if it doesn’t fix, then contact Samsung Support.

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Why Samsung S20 Won’t Power On?

  • The phone is discharged
  • Software Bug
  • Outdated Firmware
  • Hardware Damage

Check Device Charger of Samsung S20

Mainly, the fact behind Samsung Galaxy S20 won’t boot up maybe the crashed charger of the S20. Verify if the charger is charging another device or not. If the device won’t charge up, then the issue is with the charger. And if the charger works then the issue is with the device, then you should perform other tricks to fix the problem.

Fully Charge the Battery of Samsung S20

Initially, charge the device fully. For this, you need to provide reliable power to your Samsung Galaxy S20.

  • Plug the charging socket to begin the charging procedure of the device.
  • Charge the device with the official charger provided by the Samsung.
  • Hold for a couple of seconds to verify the available power of the device.

When a device reaches 100% turn on the device and if still not booting on then consider the next trick.

Force Restart

This is one of the essential methods to fix the Samsung Galaxy S20. One who is not pro is running the device can easily perform this task. Galaxy S20 force restart will refresh the device memory and reload the applications, files, and threads.

How to force restart Samsung Galaxy S20?

  • Hold the Power Key and Volume Low Button together for a couple of seconds.
  • Let out buttons when the Samsung symbol is featured on the screen.

Doing so, if a device doesn’t boots up, then there is some other problem with the device. So continue to perform tricks by moving to the next procedure.

Boot Samsung S20 in Safe Mode

If the device is facing issues due to a third-party app then the safe mode is the most effective and essential method to fix the device. Some of the applications are not well coded, their chances of generating some of the disturbance or virus that may cause an issue.

How to boot S20 in Safe Mode?

  • Initially press the Power Button.
  • Let out the Power Button when Samsung Icon is featured on the screen.
  • Instantly press the Volume Low Button until the device completely boots up.
  • Now let out buttons when safe mode is featured on the device.

Wipe the Cache Partition

After performing all the above tasks if S20 doesn’t boots up, then you should wipe cache the partition. This will clear the cache files, and the OS will upload all the files from scratch.

How to perform wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy on S20?

  • Hold the Home Key, Volume Low Button, and Power Button until the android symbol appears on the screen.
  • Let out the Power Button when the Android symbol appears.
  • Continue to press the Volume Low Button and Home Button until the system recovery screen is highlighted.
  • Now multiple options are featured on the screen form that select “Wipe Cache Partition” by using Volume Low Button.
  • Hold the Power Button to confirm.

When the procedure is finished turn on the device with a regular process. If it still doesn’t works jump to the next solution.

Put the Samsung S20 in Recovery Mode

All the hardware related issues can be fixed by recovery mode. Every component of the device is verified and if the issue is captured in a hardware device it will be fixed.

How to put Samsung S20 in Recovery Mode?

  • Hold the Bixby and Volume High Button.
  • Simultaneously press the Power Button.
  • Let out all the buttons when the Android icon is featured.
  • As soon as the Android system recovery is featured, you hold and watch the “Install system Update” for a couple of seconds.

Verify the issue again if it doesn’t turn on the move to the next procedure.

Master Reset Galaxy S20

This procedure needs to perform when all the stated procedure doesn’t fix the Samsung S20 won’t turn on. It will clear all the data, files, and pictures stored in the device memory.

Note: You need to back-up all the important stored in S20 before performing this task.

  • Switch off the Samsung Galaxy S20.
  • Hold the Bixby and Volume High and Power Button.
  • When Android Recovery Screen is featured, let out all the keys.
  • Select “Wipe Data/ Factory Reset” from the given option by using Volume Low Button.
  • To move towards the option use the Power Button.
  • Choose “Reboot System Now”.
  • Hold the Power Button to begin the process.

Contact Samsung Support

Now that you have tried several potential solutions, to fix the Galaxy S20 won’t turn on, the only option left for you is to visit the Samsung Support and let them analyze the issue.



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