Samsung Note 10Plus won’t update apps

Galaxy S10Plus won't update apps
Galaxy S10Plus won’t update apps

Samsung Note 10Plus won’t update apps? Can’t download or update apps in Samsung Note 10Plus? Do not worry, in this article we have covered all the possible troubleshooting tricks that will help you fix the Google Play issue. Keeping the apps updated is a basic requirement because even if you don’t, it will likely heave multiple system issues.

If your Samsung Note 10Plus is stuck on app updating, then continue to read the post and fix the problem. Before you start, take a look at the quick tour, it might be possible that you are missing something and your device won’t update apps.

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Why My Samsung Note 10Plus Won’t Update Apps?

A Quick Tour to fix Can’t update apps in Samsung Note 10Plus

  1. To update apps on Note 10Plus, it must be connected to a strong Wi-Fi network. However, if you have selected the option, only update apps when connected to Wi-Fi, and trying to update over cellular data, then Samsung Note 10Plus won’t update apps unless it is connected to Wi-Fi. First of all, make sure to uncheck the settings from the Google Play app as I said.
  • Launch Google Play > Settings > Auto-update apps > Choose Over any network.

Still, can’t update apps on Samsung Note 10Plus, then reconnect to Wi-Fi and if possible then use your neighbor’s or friend’s Wi-Fi.

  1. Check the storage of your device, insufficient storage won’t allow apps to update on your device. Remove unwanted files, videos, photos, and apps to free up space.
  2. Reset Download Manager, go to Settings app > Applications > three dots button> Show system apps >Download Manager > Force Stop. Make sure the Download Manager is enabled.

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Trick 1: Reboot the device

The very first thing you should be doing to fix Samsung Note 10Plus not downloading apps or not updating apps after Android 10 update, is to restart the phone.

  • Press and hold the power button and choose Restart.

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Trick 2: Clear Cache of Google Play

Can’t update apps on Samsung, another recommended step to be taken is clear cache and data of Google Play Store. Doing this will remove the corrupt cache and data files from your phone.

  • Open Settings from the app drawer.
  • Scroll and tap Applications.
  • Find and hit Google Play.
  • Choose Storage > Clear Data.
  • Lastly, tap Clear Cache.

Trick 3: Uninstall Google Play Services

One of the Galaxy Phone users did suggest to uninstall Google Play Services if your Galaxy Note 10Plus not updating apps. Uninstall Google Play Services, and then open Google Play and try to update or download apps.

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Trick 4: Update Samsung Note 10Plus

If your Samsung Note 10Plus is missing any major software update, then make sure to update it to the latest version.

  • Settings > Software Update.

Trick 5: Wipe Cache Partition

Wiping cache partition won’t delete any personal data, it will only remove the system cache. Besides, your settings are also safe.

  • Power off the phone.
  • Press and hold the Volume up button and Power or Bixby button.
  • When the Android Recovery screen appears, release the keys.
  • Select Wipe cache partition, to navigate through options, use volume down key.
  • Once the wipe cache partition is highlighted, press the Power button to start the process.
  • Confirm wipe cache partition. It will take a few seconds to complete the entire process.
  • After that, press the Power button to restart the phone.

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