How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Apps on Samsung

Enable Dark Mode on One UI 2 and Android 10
Enable Dark Mode on One UI 2 and Android 10

Finally, after waiting for a long time, Samsung is rolling the latest Android 10 updates on Samsung S10 and Note 10 lineups. As promised, One UI 2 is a part of the Android 10 update. Undoubtedly, just like One UI, the One UI 2 is likely to win the hearts of people. Starting with the dark mode, several Google apps are now supporting dark mode in One UI 2 enabled Galaxy phone. From Android 10, dark mode will be enabled by default on most of Google’s apps. So, depending upon your theme, Google apps will change to a light or dark theme.

What if you don’t want a particular app to use in a dark theme? Yes, there’s way, through few Google apps allows us to enable and disable dark mode manually. In this tutorial, we will show you what are the Google’s official apps that support dark mode and how to enable dark mode manually on One UI 2.

How to enable Dark Mode on Google Apps on Samsung Phones

What is the Google Apps that don’t have manual support for Dark mode?

As I said, there are few apps that still don’t have support to turn on and off dark mode manually. Their dark mode will always change and depend upon your device’s settings. If you have enabled dark mode in Samsung phone from the Settings app, then these apps will also appear dark. Hopefully, in the coming days, Google gives control to manually enable and disable dark mode.

Now, let’s take a look at the Google Apps that allows us to manually change the dark mode despite the device’s default settings.

Enable Dark Mode on Google App Samsung/Android Phones

Google Chrome

Google Chrome > three dots menu > Settings > Themes > Dark.


Open the Gmail app > Tap on Three Horizontal lines > Settings > Go to General settings. Find the Theme option and Change it to Dark mode.

Google Maps

Google Maps, automatically goes dark when during night time. However, you can still force the Maps app to turn on dark mode, like, Open Maps app then tap Settings and Navigation settings. Scroll down and under Color scheme and switch it to Night.

Google Calendar

Likewise, open the Settings of the app and then General settings > Theme option.


Open the YouTube app > Tap on your Account icon > Settings > General > Turn on Dark theme.

Google Drive

Google Drive app > Settings > Change theme.

Google Duo

Google Duo app > Settings > Switch theme to dark.

Google News

Google News app > Settings > General > Dark theme.

Google Contacts

Google Contacts app > Settings > Theme option.

Google Play Games

Google Play Games app > Settings > Use system default theme. Choose the theme that you would want.

Google Calculator

Google Calculator app > More options > Select theme.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant app > three dots menu > Settings > General > Theme > Choose theme.

Google Clock

Google Clock app > three dots menu > Settings > Turn on Night mode.

Digital Wellbeing

To use Dark Mode on Digital Wellbeing, kindly enable system-wide dark mode on your phone.

Google Fit

Open Google Fit > Profile > Settings gear > Theme > Choose Dark.

Gallery Go > three-dot menu > Settings > enable Dark mode.

Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes > hamburger icon > Settings > Toggle Dark Mode ON.

Keep Notes Web

Locate Gear icon on the upper-right screen > Turn on Dark Mode.

Google Messages

Google Messages > three dots menu > Turn on Dark Mode.

Google Pay

Google Pay works on a system-wide dark mode.


Google Phone > three dots menu > Settings > Display options > turn on Dark Mode.

Google Photos

Again Google Photos totally depends upon the system’s dark mode.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books > hamburger menu > Settings > Set Dark Mode to On.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store > hamburger menu > Settings > Theme > Set Dark Mode.


Google Podcasts don’t have a separate option to enable dark mode, so go for system dark mode.


Google Recorder > three dots menu > Settings > Choose Theme and Dark Mode.


Snapseed app > three dots menu > Settings > Enable Dark Mode.

Sound Amplifier

The Sound Amplifier depends on the system theme, so make sure to enable dark mode on your phone to use the dark mode on Sound Amplifier.


Google Tasks > three dots menu > Theme > Dark.


Google Voice > hamburger menu > Settings > Theme > Dark.

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