7 Best USB C Flash Drive for Samsung Phones and Tablets in 2023

Best USB C Flash drive for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Note 10Plus
Best USB C Flash drive for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Note 10Plus

Excellent USB C Type Flash Drives are out here. If you are still using a USB-A drive then there is no need to worry more about it. Because 2-in-1 Flash Drive for Android is available to buy. Now the users of Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tab don’t need to carry OTG with them. USB C type is supportable to your device no need to pull out OTG. Just you need to mobilize it in and transfer pictures or files with the help of the file explorer app.

In this article, I will present the Best USB C Type Flash drive keeping all aspects in mind. If you are searching for it, continue to read this article. It may help you to select the desired one.

Note: Make sure to read the entire article, we have some more recommendations at the end of the article.

Best USB C Type Flash Drive Android

Sandisk Go USB-C type Flash DriveSanDisk USB C Drive

Why settle by considering only the storage, when you receive more than that with Sandisk Go USB-C type flash drive. There no need to worry about data loss, the USB drive will automatically backup photos, videos in the SanDisk memory zoom app, the only thing you need to remind is to install the app. You can share videos, images, and documents at top speed to your PC or other gadgets. It has a storage capacity of 256GB that will offer you to store a large amount of data without need of external storage. Lastly, the flash drive is handy to carry in a pocket.

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PNY is a USB 3.1 Gen one type-C flash drive. The main purpose is to transfer songs, pictures, films, and documents between your type C devices speedily and without any disturbance. The reading speed of PNY is up-to 130Mb/s. The transfer speed is 30 times high compared to the older model PNY 2.0. PNY holds over thousands of images at 18 megapixels over 11000 songs and can hold 4K HD movies. It is the best Note 10/Note 10 Plus USB Type C flash drive.

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SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive

One thing about this flash drive is extraordinary, it comes with high transfer speed up to 150MB/s. It shares the files between gadgets at 3.1 ultra-speed. Contain both traditional and type C connector. The RAM size of the USB C type is 32 GB. SanDisk Ultra USB-C is available up to 256 GB. It can also work as OTG for Galaxy Note 10/ Note 10 plus.

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UGREEN works as 2 in 1 USB flash drive for Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 plus. It contains both USB 3.0 and USB type C. Allow you to transfer files document or any other data between devices effortlessly. It provides huge storage to the smartphone. You can store pictures, files, and data without any difficulties. Well designed with gold plated connectors. The transfer speed is 100 MB/s for reading and 15 MB/s for writing. Take less time to transfer large amounts of data. The size of UGREEN 3.0 USB type-C is 16 GB.

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Samsung Duo Plus

There is no better option Samsung duo because Samsung Company itself manufactured USB C type flash drive. The transfer speed is 200MB/s which is quite extraordinary. It also works 2-in-1 USB C type flash drive for Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 plus. Permit you to transfer the data between two devices without any disturbance. The durability of this flash drive is good. It is a waterproof, shockproof USB C type flash drive for Samsung Note 10, Note 10 Plus. The memory storage capacity of this flash drive is 32 GB and Samsung flash drive available up to 256 GB.

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Kingstone DataTraveler MicroDuo

The Kingstone is one of the versatile USB type C flash driver for Samsung Note 10, Note 10 Plus. It is compatible with the latest gadgets, PC, and MAC. The transfer speed of Kingstone DataTraveler MicroDuo is 100 Mbps for reading and 15mbps for reading. It is also supportable with USB-A ports on current USB host gadgets.

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VerbatimUSB C Flash Drive for Samsung Phone

Should you think to purchase one of the cheapest still convenient flash drives, buy “Verbatim”. Firstly, it offers 64 GB of storage at just $21.99. And if you compare many of its features with other flash drives, it seems quite competitive. Considering its functionality, it allows access of files directly on a drive from devices without transferring, as well as, save files from devices directly without any external drivers. Furthermore, it’s compatible with macOS, Windows, and a camera. Available in different sizes 16GB, and 32 Gb. Officially the flash drive is backed with a 1-year warranty.

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So that was all about the best USB-C Flash Drives for Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets. Do you own USB Pendrive? If yes, then here are some recommendations for you. The following USB-C to USB adapter will help you connect normal USB Pendrive to your device. Make sure the device and USB are compatible with each other.

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