How to Watch YouTube without Ads on Samsung?

How to Disable YouTube Ads on Samsung

As we all know that there are increases in the number of YouTube users at the same point there is an increase in the number of advertisers that uses the popular videos to sell their products and software. Well some of us always scroll through the internet to gain knowledge either for the business or else to be the topper in our education field.

But they get diverted or else disturb as those ads get pop-up while watching the videos. Luckily, it is feasible to stop seeing those videos on YouTube videos on Samsung phones. By making those videos ad-free, you enjoy the video without any unwanted disturbance. So continue reading the article, and grab the YouTube video ad-free on your Tablet.

How to Remove Ads from YouTube Videos on any Samsung?   

Subscribe YouTube Premium

Undoubtedly it’s not affordable for everyone to pay and watch their favorite videos on YouTube. But still, I recommend subscribing to the YouTube premium if you want to gain knowledge at the same point using YouTube as a learning platform.

What is the subscription charge of YouTube premium? Well, it’s about $ 11.99 per month. If you are a student there will be a special offer of $6.99 when subscribing with a student ID. At the same point if you want to have the Family Plan it will charge up to $17.99 with a limit of 6 persons at a time. Keep in mind, that their subscription price varies from region to region.

What are the benefits of YouTube Premium?

  • You can enjoy the video and music in the background.
  • Enjoy Ad-free YouTube Video, Music, and Originals.
  • Download and watch the videos offline.

Moreover, if you can’t afford the subscription plan and searching for an alternate method to enjoy an ad-free YouTube video on a Samsung phone, then continue reading the article.

Use Add-Free Browsers

There are various third-party browsers available. However, they don’t completely allow blocking the ad but they are well to consider as they are packed with some advanced features. Firefox Focus and Brave Browser are the best third-party browser as they are packed with a pre-installed ad-blocker feature.

Block Ads Using Browser Extension

In the digital market, there are various browser extensions available. No matter whatever the browser there is always a way to block an ad and that’s only through an ad-blocker browser extension. Moreover, you can check out our list of the best browser extension for Samsung and install the extension that reach-out your needs. Well, we have tested one from the AdGuard Contentso you can go with this without any kind of hesitation or a matter of doubt. Keep in mind, that those Ad-blocker apps only work when their installed browser consumes the in-built ad-blocker feature.

List Of Browser Consumes In-Built Ad-Blocker

List Of Browser

And that’s done this how you can handily prevent the ad from coming in between while watching the interesting videos.

AD-Free YouTube!

I hope you receive the best solution for your issue. If you encounter any other confusion regarding this, let me know in the below-mentioned comment box!

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