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WhatsApp Status is one of the underrated features. Learn what it is and how to use WhatsApp status on Samsung and share better content with family and friends. We all are familiar with WhatsApp Status is, since we use it in our daily life. It lets you share your thoughts and memories in GIFs, Text, Photos, and Videos. Similarly, it enables you to be updated on what’s going on with your contacts. While WhatsApp Status initially seems like a Snapchat clone, a twist makes it out of the box.

How To Use WhatsApp Status on Samsung 

How To Create WhatsApp Status On Samsung

Whatsapp allows users to share up to 30 Photos and Videos to status. Best of all, you can share the link too. 

  1. Access the WhatsApp on the Samsung Phone.
  2. Swipe right to the Status Menu, and hit on the Camera Icon at the bottom right corner. Tap the Capture Icon in the center to capture photos or selfies. Long-press the Capture Icon recording videos. You can select photos from the Gallery from the same screen. The first image on the left is the most recent capture. Swipe right to left on the screen to go through all one photo. 
  3. Once you select the image, you can add photos, and personalized stickers, rotate, and edit. The videos will get trimmed for first 30 seconds.   
  4. If you want to jot down text in the status, tap on the Text Icon on the Status Screen. Additionally, you can add links and emojis. From the upper right corner, select T Icon to alter font color.
  5. Once you finish that, hit on the Status (Contacts). From Who Can See My Status Updates, select the one from My Contacts, My Contacts Except… or Only Share With… and tap Done.
  6. Lastly, choose Send. 

How To View Or Reply To WhatsApp Status On Samsung

On your device, navigate WhatsApp and swipe to the Status Tab. You sell all statuses under the Recent Updates Menu. Please tap on the Contact to see its status. The Video and Photos will play on their own. And it will go away after a few seconds. Once you finish watching update from contact, you will automatically head to the next. If contacts update multiple status, you can do a lot more things.

Alternatively, WhatsApp allows viewing by tapping on the contact profile photo. WhatsApp Status reply not working, you may refer to the below steps. 

Pause A Status: Long press on the screen while watching the status. The best part is that the Contact’s name will disappear so you can capture Screenshot.

Head Back To Previous Status: Hit on the left part of the screen or swipe left to see status of previous contacts.

Move To Next Status: Tap on the right part of Screen. 

Reply To A Status: While seeping the status, swipe up from the bottom screen to reply to a particular status. Doing so will open up the text field that includes emojis and attachment options. 

Find Out Views On Your WhatsApp Status Samsung

To check the view on the WhatsApp Status. Follow the steps below. 

  1. Go to WhatsApp > Status.
  2. Hit My Status. In this scream, you see the number of viewed your status. 

To know who recently viewed your status, open the status and swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

How To Change WhatsApp Status Privacy On Samsung

With the latest WhatsApp Update, users now have more control over it. However, predefined status are shared with all your contacts. But now, like Instagram, you can share your status with a selected person and hide WhatsApp status from someone else.

If you are willing to share with the selected person, tap My Contact Except and uncheck the people to which you don’t want. At the same point, to share with an array of contacts, select Only Share With and choose accordingly. 

How To Share WhatsApp Status Updates With Other Apps

You can share WhatsApp status update with different applications like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook Stories, etc. 

  1. Navigate WhatsApp and choose Status.
  2. Select Three Horizontal Dots next to the My Status. Next, hit on Three Vertical Dots beside the status you want to share an update of.

Here’s how to share WhatsApp status to Facebook Stories: Select Share to FaceBook > Allow. Furthermore, configure privacy settings and, atlast Share Now. You can select Share from the same screen at the same time. From the Share Sheet, select the app you want; that’s it!

How To Mute Or Unmute A Contact’s WhatsApp Status Update

If you have some of the annoying contacts and no longer want to see it’s status of them, you can mute them. When you configure it under the mute settings, the status won’t appear at the top of list. You must be having a question, if i mute someone status on WhatsApp will they know? The answer is NO.

  1. Access the WhatsApp App > Status.
  2. Go to Status Tab, long press contact, and then select Mute

In the future, if you have change your mind and are willing to unmute the status of contact, follow the same steps.

How To Delete A WhatsApp Status On Samsung 

If you have uploaded the wrong image or want to delete the status for personal reasons, you can firmly delete it. 

  1. Access the WhatsApp > Status Tab.
  2. Select Three Horizontal Dots and then go through the list if you have uploaded multiple images.
  3. Now tap on the Three-Vertical Dots next to status, and from the pop-up, select Delete.

How To Forward a WhatsApp Status On Samsung

Can you forward someone’s WhatsApp Status? For instance, if someone likes your status and willing to have same video or photo, you can now directly share it from the status. 

  1. Go to WhatsApp > Status.
  2. Select Three-Horizontal Dots next to My Status.
  3. And then tap Three-Vertical Dots and from the pop-up, choose Forward and from Forward To screen, select the desired contact. And then choose Send Button, that’s all!

Share Status On WhatsApp!

From now on, I can consider you familiar with what WhatsApp Status is and how you can use it on a Samsung phone. If you like this guide, give thumbs up in the below comment box!

What Size Of Video Or Photos Can I Upload On WhatsApp?

You can now upload images and video; it should be compressed to 16MB.

What Video Format Do WhatsApp Supports?

The video format mpeg4 and 3GP is supported by WhatsApp.

What is the use of Whatsapp status?

Whatsapp status lets you share end-to-end encrypted photos, videos, texts, and GIFs with your contacts, however, the status will disappear after 24 hours.

Open the Gallery App > press and hold the preferred image > tap on Share Icon > select Whatsapp > My Status > Share Button > Share Button.

How to write status on Whatsapp Samsung

Open Whatsapp > Swipe to the Status Menu > Select Pencil Icon from the left bottom corner. Atlast, type on the Screen. That’s It!

How to check whatsapp status of others

Go to Whatsapp > swipe to the Status Tab. From the result, tap on the desired Contact.

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