Do Not Disturb Turns on By Itself on Samsung?These are Fixes

In today’s time, missing important emails, messages, and calls is quite frustrating. And this is what many Samsung owners are currently facing; since do not disturb automatically turns on for no reason. 

Unfortunately, you are not alone, as many Samsung owners usually report it. The best part is it can be fixed if you have a suitable array of troubleshooting. And that’s what we have mentioned in this article. Let’s follow up and fix it. 

Do Not Disturb Turns On By Itself Samsung, Here’s How You Can Fix It!

First Thing First, Is DND Really Disable?

In the case of a hurry or due to accidental touch, you might have to enable DND and forget to disable it once again. To verify if this is not the cause of an issue, swipe down the notification panel, and tap the DND Icon if it’s enabled. 

Ignore Pressing the Volume Down Button Repeatedly

Are you repeatedly pressing the Volume Down Button? If yes, that’s the reason for the do not disturb turns on by itself Samsung Galaxy. Nothing to do but ignore such activity. As it can lead to certain misunderstandings. 

Do Not Disturb Turns On Automatically, Check Haven’t Schedule It

The scheduling of DND is excellent to go since it allows you to enable or disable features as per the time you configure. To disable scheduled DND, swipe down the Notification Panel and long-press the Do Not Disturb icon to access it under the settings. Now tap on the switch next to the scheduled DND to disable it. 

Have You Setup Do Not Disturb In Bixby Routines?

It appears like a Bixby Routines; Galaxy phones have pre-defined routines that kicks-on certain features on your device, including DND. To fix Do Not Disturb keeps turn on, you have to turn off Bixby Routines. For this, swipe down the notification panel on your Samsung phone, then select Settings Gears Icon. In the next screen, select Advance Features > Toggle off Bixby Rountines. If you have configure a routine activating DND, it will definitely get solved.

Update Samsung Phone

Why does my do not disturb keep turning on Samsung? It can be due to an outdated OS. Yes, if your Samsung phone is running on older can lead to various issues, including do not disturb turns on by itself. To check for an update, go to Settings, and choose Software Update. Lastly, tap Download And Install if there is an update available. 

Restart Samsung Phone

Samsung S22 do not disturb keeps turning on can be a reason for minor bugs. And the best part is a normal restart can fix it. To restart the Samsung, press the Power Button until the Power Off Menu appears. From there, tap on Green Restart Button. And then check for the issue. 

Try Simulated Battery Disconnect Restart

Nowadays, Samsung devices come with inbuilt batteries, making them impossible to detach. Thus, it is recommended to simulate the battery removal on your flagship. If you can detach the battery physically, then you can go with it and ignore this procedure. And if not, ppress the Power Button and Volume Button simultaneously until the device vibrates. And your issue will get fixed. 

Boot Device To Safe Mode

Have recently installed any third-party applications on your Samsung device, after which you going through Samsung S21 do not disturb keeps turning on? Since there are chances you might have installed badly or corrupted applications on your device. To check for the culprit, press the Power Button until the Power Off menu appears. Keep pressing Power Off Icon until Safe Mode appears on the screen. Tap on it, and your device will boot up to Safe Mode.

In Safe Mode, check if the same appears. If there is no such sign, it confirms the third-party application is the culprit. Now boot up to normal by restarting the device. Uninstall the third-party applications one by one, and your issue will be fixed.

Never Miss Important Notification

When do not disturb keeps turning on automatically, it can make you feel stuck in disaster. However, there is no need to perform a factory reset Samsung or carry it to the nearest service station. As you now have some of the practical solutions. Let me know which trick helped by dropping it in the below comment box. 

What Happens When Your Samsung Phone Is On Do Not Disturb And Someone Calls You?

Phone calls will convert to voicemail on your Samsung Phone. However, there will be no pop-ups or any other notifications.

Will I Recieve Calls With Do Not Disturb On?

When DND is activated on Samsung Phone, you will encounter text messages, receive calls, and other notifications. But your Samsung will not vibrate or ring in response.

What Is The Difference Between Do Not Disturb And Silent Mode?

The Silent Mode will complete silent Calls, Messages, and Notifications. In Do Not Disturb mode, you can permit some contacts to make calls and messages.

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