How To Make a Checklist On Samsung

When taking notes, hundreds of options are available, some are free, and some are freemium. But when you have Samsung, there’s no need to invest in third-party notetaking apps like Evernote, etc. Samsung Notes is one powerful notetaking app featuring all the modern elements to keep you engaged with the Note Taking activity so you don’t forget to complete essential tasks. Thankfully, Samsung Notes can save pictures, voice notes, recordings, and text as a part of notes.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding Samsung Notes is, does Samsung have a checklist? The answer is YES. Samsung Notes also supports Checklist. Create a checklist, and mark them closed once you’ve completed the task. In this Samsung Notes app tutorial, we’ll show you how to create Checklist.  

How To Make A To-Do List In Samsung Notes

Create a Checklist On Samsung Notes

With A Samsung Notes App making a checklist is relatively easy. Open the App tray from the home screen, select Note App on your Samsung phone, and follow these steps to make a checklist on your Samsung Galaxy S23 series. 

  1. From the bottom right corner, tap on the Create Button.
  2. Give a name to a new note in the title field at the top of the screen and tap on Done on the keyboard.
  3. Then select Checklist Icon(Tick In The Square Box) from the keyboard.
  4. A Square Box will appear on the screen. Move forward and write down the work to do. Up next, tap on the Return Icon from the keyboard.

Carry on with the same procedure until you are done. At last, if you are willing to enter the text below Checklist. Tap on the Return Button twice to convert it into text. Type the note you want to enter. Tap Back Button twice, and the Checklist you have created on Samsung will automatically save. 

How To Share A Checklist Or Note

In simple words, a checklist is a note created inside the Samsung Notes App. If you have created one and are willing to share it with people, follow the steps below.

  1. To share, open the Checklist in the Note app you created.
  2. Within the notes, tap on the Three Vertical Dots at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. From the following pop-up, select the Share Icon. There you will receive four options; Samsung Notes Files, PDF File, Microsoft Word File, Microsoft PowerPoint File, Image Files, and Text File. Select the one and share it through the platform you want.

How To Collaborate And Create The Checklist Notes On Samsung Notes 

If you are willing to collaborate with multiple people on the same checklist notes, here is how you can do so.

  1. Go to Samsung Notes App.
  2. Choose Hamburger Icon (Three Horizontal Lines).
  3.  Select Shared Notebooks.
  4. Click on the + Icon.
  5.  From the next screen, edit and give a name to the Note. Now select Contact or Account and then invite the person by adding a credential. 
  6. Once you finish up, click on the Shared Note you have created. Tap on the Pencil Icon below and give Tittle to it.
  7. From the keyboard, right from the top row, select Checklist Icon(Square Box With Tickmark).

Now, press the Return Button to add Checklist once again. And tap Return for twice to enter the text below the Checklist. After this, all the changes made by you and shared contact will automatically get updated on Checklist Notes.

How To Stop Sharing Collaborated Notes

If you no longer wish to share the collaborated notes on the Samsung notes app, here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Go to Samsung Notes App.
  2. Choose Hamburger Icon.
  3. Select Shared Notebook.
  4. From the list, select the name mentioned on Shared Notes.
  5. Then select Three Vertical Notes, remove Account, choose the Person from the list, and give further confirmation; that’s it!

Bottom Line

Samsung Notes is an all-rounder application. You can use to create a quick checklist and share it. Moreover, you can also export/transfer to the other device. Just step by step follow the above-mentioned guide and create a checklist in no time on Samsung Notes app.

How do I create a new Note In Samsung Notes?

You can create to enter the text using the keyboard or by drawing or handwriting on the Samsung screen. Moreover, you can insert voice recordings or images too. Access Samsung Notes > + Icon to create and perform such activities and tap Save.

What is write on PDF?

The write-on PDF app is best if you are willing to annotate PDF files. You can write down the notes directly in your PDF using it’s pre-defined tools.

Are templates available in Samsung Notes?

The best part is the templates are available while editing and creating a note; access the menu and select Page Templates; up next, hit on the desired template to use it on your note.

What permission are required to Use Samsung Notes?

To use Samsung Notes, you will require Camera, Microphone, and Storage permission. To give permission, go to Settings > Apps > Samsung Notes > Permission. And atlast, configure three of them under Allowed Menu.

Can I use different background colors for Notes?

Keep a note, a background of Samsung Notes will always remain White. And there is no away to change it.

Why won’t Samsung Notes update?

First thing first, connect the Samsung phone to stable and active internet. However, to update Samsung Notes, tap on Menu > Settings. Up next, choose About Samsung Notes and update it.

I locked my Note with a Password. Can I Restore a forgotten Password?

Notes get locked with Samsung Account. If don’t have access to your Samsung Account, you will require to reset password. You will not be allowed to Edit or View locked Samsung Notes.

Can I add a Samsung Note widget to Home Screen?

Yes, you can configure the Samsung Notes Widget on your Home Screen for quick access to it. The procedure is same as you add other widgets.

When I open a Note on an External SD Card, Why is the file read-only?

Unfortunately, the Samsung Phone doesn’t allow to write and edit the notes stored on an external SD.

Where are Samsung notes stored?

Do remember Samsung notes are stored in the micro SD card or device internal storage, depending on the preferred location you choose save them.

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