How to Stream Music on Xbox Series X and Series S

Xbox Series X, Series S

Many video games come with a great soundtrack, but sometimes you want to enjoy soul songs rather than enjoying a slew of games. Isn’t it true! Thankfully, Microsoft also allows users to enjoy music in the background in multiple ways. As we all know, the console updated to eight generations so rather than having an in-built media player, the Xbox series X and series S have an app store that offers few applications such as Spotify, Groove Music, and VLC so you can download and install according to your taste. Also, there is a more generic solution such as an Audio CD player and a media player.

So whether you want to enjoy the newly released album or want to enjoy your favorite podcast here’s the article that will help to play music on your Xbox series X and series S gaming console.

How to Play Music on your Xbox Series X and Series S in Background

How To Use Spotify on Xbox Series X or S

As we all know that Spotify one of the most streaming applications in the world. And it takes a while to set up on an Xbox console.

  • Firstly, download and install Spotify from Microsoft Store.
  • Go to App and Sign In.
  • Choose to sign in either through PIN pairing, writing Username Detail, or a through App.
  • Select the playlist you want to enjoy.
  • Tap Play.

How to Play a Podcast Using Casts

If you want to enjoy the podcast follow the given below steps.

  • Same as Spotify, download the Cast Application from Microsoft Store.
  • Navigate to App and tap Browse.
  • Go to Podcast Categories you want to listen.
  • Select the Thumbnail you want to enjoy.
  • Tap on the particular episode you wish to watch.

How to Play CD on Your Xbox Series X

Are following the old trend of CDs or want to re-create old memories? For you, the simplest method on your Xbox series X is to install Groove Music.

  • Download and install the Groove Music application from Microsoft Store.
  • Now place CD in Disc Drive present in Xbox.
  • If it doesn’t open Go to Groove Music and tap Audio CD but most probably it will play automatically.

How to Listen To Music While Playing a Game

If you want to enjoy music while playing a game on a console. Here’s are the steps you need to perform.

  • Start playing a song on Spotify or whatever method you want to use.
  • Press the Center Glowing Key of the Xbox series S or X controller.
  • Swipe down and select My Games & Apps.
  • Select the game you want to play and click A to open the game and enjoy the song while playing the game.

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