How to Set Up Parental Controls on Xbox Series S, Series X

Xbox Series X, Series S

For kids who love Xbox series X and series S, it’s all for entertainment and games. But at the same time, well-known games like Forza Horizon and Cuphead keep kids busy throughout the whole day. Isn’t it quite worrying, but don’t worry to maintain the maturity level of many games, the Xbox comes with a welcoming feature like parental control.

Due to which the Xbox series X and series S becomes a must-try tool for any parent because it allows the parent to keep eye on kid’s activity on Xbox series X and series S. The current parental tool includes a timer, access to limited content along with managing and monitoring their activity on Xbox series X and series S. At the same time it’s relatively handy to setup on Xbox series S and series X, placed within settings. To set these features, continue to read this article.

How Do You Set Up Parental Control on Xbox Series X, Series S

Step 1: Set up your Microsoft Account

  • You should have your personal Microsoft account to set up parental controls. If you don’t have then you can create it through the Microsoft website or on your Xbox series X and S.

Step 2: Create a child account

  • If your kid an Xbox account you can use it, if not, you can use another email or else can create a new email account.
  • To create a new account hold the Guide Key on your controller.
  • Then tap Add New and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Finally, head back to the Main or Parent Account.

Step 3: Enable Parental Controls

  • To manage a child account, you have to add a particular account to your Family Settings.
  • To do so, hold the Guide Key.
  • Tap Settings located under Profile & System.
  • Hit Family Settings located under the Account Tab.
  • Touch Manage Family Members.
  • Once you have done this, you will get access to their Privacy & Content Restriction.

Step 4: Setting Privacy and Content Restriction

  • The Xbox will allow you to enable a restriction for each family member.
  • Now under Privacy & Online Safety, you can set permission for Apps, Messages, Xbox Live, and more. Moreover, you restrict the content according to your kid’s age.

Moreover, the Microsoft Xbox family settings for iOS and Android share family activities direct to your smartphone.

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