How to Remote Play Xbox Series S/Series X to Android/iPhone

Xbox Series X, Series S

The newly launched Xbox series X and S are something that offers a unique way to play a game. What I mean to say is that Xbox can be played through a smartphone or remote, isn’t it cool! Being able to play through a smartphone is one type of bonus to avid console players. No matter in whatever situation you can just simply hang on with remote play and a decent internet connection.

What do we need to play Xbox remotely? The players need a Microsoft account, an Xbox app on the smartphone, stable Wi-Fi connection, and Xbox Profile. Once you have all this, continue to read this article to completely utilize the functionalities and features of Xbox.

How to Use Xbox Remote Play

Note: While playing the game on Xbox through a mobile device, the image quality undoubtedly decreases depending on how far you are from the internet connection and console.

  • First and foremost Download And Install Xbox App on your smartphone.
  • Simply turn on your console to register your Xbox series S or X.
  • Turn on the Remote Play aspect.
  • Go back to Xbox App and give a nickname to the console.
  • Switch on the Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Now pair the device with the controller by tapping on the Pair Button.
  • After completion of pairing, select the game you want to play and enjoy your day with the console.

How to pair your Xbox Series X and S controller

Presently, if your Xbox series S or X is linked with a smart phone, then you need to un-pair your Xbox series S and X console and follow the given below steps.

  • Enable the controller by hitting the Xbox Button.
  • Hold and release the Pair Key on the Xbox.
  • Continue pressing the Pair Key on the controller.
  • Now indicator on the Xbox Key will flash for searching the nearby console.
  • The Xbox Key will remain illuminated once it is connected with the console.

As we all know that if it is for the first time for you it could be quite tricky, so eventually, this article makes this process easy.

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