How to Set Up and Stream Netflix on PS5?

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As of right now, Sony PlayStation has been delivered in most regions, and hopefully, you’ve received it too and enjoying its rich features and of course the incredible gameplay. While Xbox Series X and Series S were too launched just before PS5; however, there is no meaning to compare all of these three consoles. In this article, I’ll show you how to set up and use Netflix on PS5, alongside how to download Netflix on PS5 and other necessary tutorials.

Let me know, aside from this, if you want to know or stuck with any Netflix Issues, I’ll surely try to get in touch with you and help you as soon as possible.

How to Download, Set Up and Use Netflix on PS5

Method 1: From PlayStation Home Screen

  1. Turn on the PS5.
  2. Visit the Media section from the Home Screen. Press the PS button on the controller to open the home screen.
  3. Make sure you’re signed in to your PSN account to get access to the TV & Video.
  4. Choose TV & Video and from there go with Netflix.
  5. Select Download and let the Netflix app downloads.

If you can’t download Netflix, then try getting the Netflix app from the PlayStation store, refer the below steps to learn how to do it.

Method 2: From PlayStation Store

  1. Open the PlayStation Store on PS5.
  2. Choose Apps.
  3. Select Movies/TV.
  4. Select Netflix and Download

How to Sign In to Netflix on PS5?

Once the Netflix App is installed, input the Netflix credentials to sign in and start streaming TV Shows and Movies right on PS5.

  1. Open the Media section from the PS5 Home Screen.
  2. Choose TV & Media and open Netflix from there.
  3. When the Netflix App home screen appears, select Sign in.
  4. Enter the Netflix Email ID and Password to access your Netflix Account.

How to Sign Out of Netflix on PS5?

Method 1: From PS5 Home Screen

  1. Navigate to the Netflix
  2. Press the O button on PS5 Controller.
  3. Choose the settings gear
  4. And select Sign Out.
  5. Confirm Sign Out by selecting Yes.

Method 2:

  1. Press the PS button on the controller to open Home Screen.
  2. Go to the TV & Video and highlight Netflix.
  3. Press the Options on the PS5 Controller.
  4. Choose Delete and OK.

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