How to Request Refund on PS5? [Games, and Subscriptions]

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Whether it’s a PS5 or PS4 or any other Game, requesting and getting a refund for a game is a bit tough, I can say, if you’re lucky enough, they’ll immediately process the refund, otherwise you know how it goes. Besides, it’s nearly impossible to get a refund for digital games on PS5 and PS4, unless the game is faulty or is full of bugs and glitches. But before making any decision you can always contact Sony and request a refund, and see how it goes.

Whether you’ve purchased the game unintentionally or the results are unexpected, Sony lets you file a refund before 14 days of the purchase date. Let’s see your eligibility for a PlayStation Store refund, and most importantly how to request a refund for PS5 Games, Subscriptions, DLC, Pre-Orders, and PlayStation Plus.

How to Request Refund on PS5

Types of PlayStation Store Refund and Their Criteria

Sony has divided the Refund into three different categories, therefore make sure to identify in which category your refund belongs.

Games and Add-Ons: Full Games, Season Passes, Downloadable Content, and In-Game Consumables come in this category.

You have 14 days from the date of purchase to request a refund for this category. They won’t process the refund if you have downloaded or streamed the content unless the content is faulty.

Subscriptions: Subscriptions such as PlayStation Plus falls under this category.

Likewise, you’ve 14 days to request a refund for this too, however, the refunding amount may vary depending upon the services you’ve consumed before filing a refund. Don’t forget that the Free Trials are included in the same 14-day period.

Pre-Orders: It can be any digital content that you’ve purchased before the release date.

Pre-order purchases made more than 14 days before the release date, in such cases, you can request a refund anytime before the release date of the content.

Pre-order purchases made fewer than 14 days before the release date, here you can request the refund within 14 days after the date of purchase.

How to Refund a Game on PS5 and PlayStation Store Purchases

  1. Visit the PlayStore Refund Request page.
  2. Scroll down little, and under Requesting a refund for a PlayStation Store purchase, click on Refund Chatbot
  3. A PlayStation support bot will appear, click on Refund request.
  4. Click on I’m ready.
  5. Answer the Seven questions correctly regarding the Refund, PSN account and if you successfully qualify for the refund, you’ll be redirected to the next available human agent.
  6. Meanwhile, note down the Support ID that is assigned to your complaint, it will appear after answering the PlayStation bot.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Now, select Yes when you’re asked to talk to a live agent.
  9. From here the live agent will verify and release a refund if you’re eligible.

What do you need? The live agent will ask you to verify certain details including PSN ID, Date of Birth, Email ID associated with PlayStation, and a game for which you want a refund.

It might be possible that you won’t get reverse payment to the same payment method you’ve used, in some cases, they add PSN Store Credit that can be used for future purchases.

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