How to Remove Meet from Gmail Sidebar? Easy Steps

How to Remove Meet from Gmail Sidebar

Google itself took an initiative to open the door for video conferencing through a Gmail. Now any of the organizations like schools, businesses can create meetings with up to 60 minutes with limited 100 participants, for more they can also subscribe to premium features. Meet has two options available “join Meeting” and “Start Meeting” in the Gmail sidebar. In the former window means “Start Meeting” there will be a new window created for the meeting and in the “Join Meeting,” you have to enter the code. This was all about Gmail meet.

After enjoying the Google Meets for some days the users get bored due to shrunk sidebar look and they start searching for how to remove Google meets from Gmail or how to hide meet in Gmail as they get miffed with these two option in the sidebar as it decreases the precious space for labels. Thankfully, you can officially remove or hide by going to Gmail web preferences. Let’s begin to read this article, as we have described the simple way to remove Google meets from the sidebar.

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Remove Meet from Gmail Sidebar

How to Hide Meet in Gmail officially

Listening to the problem of Gmail users, Google itself designed the user settings to hide the Meet menu.

  • Go to Gmail.
  • Click on the Settings icon located at the right top corner of the page.

    Click on the Settings Gear
    Click on the Settings Gear
  • Again click on Settings.

    Click Settings
    Click Settings
  • From the top menu choose Chat and Meet.

    Choose Chat and Meet from Top Menu
    Choose Chat and Meet from Top Menu
  • Select “Hide the Meet Section In the Main Menu” described in the Meet Menu.
  • Save Changes.

    Check the Hide the Meet section in the main menu option
    Check the Hide the Meet section in the main menu option

How to Hide Meet in Gmail by hiding Chat Menu

  • Go to Gmail.
  • Click on Hangout Chat Icon (mention in Double-Quotes) which says Hangout conversations.

    Click on Hangout button
    Click on Hangout button
  • Doing so will hide Meet Menu.

How to Customize or Move Meet to the right side

Rather than removing or hiding the meet app from the sidebar, moving the meet to the right side is the best option for you.

  • Go to Gmail.
  • Select Gear Icon located right top.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Touch Advance Tab.
  • Select Enable located on the Right-Side Chat Option.

Force Disable Meet using uBlock Origin

What is uBlock origin? and is uBlock origin safe? is that the question arises after reading the heading. Don’t worry I will explain it, uBlock is origin is a free open source software that allows you to modify any code you want without paying any type fees.

You can customize the page according to your preference by using uBlock Origin Extension on the web browser. This extension allows you to remove the Meet Panel inside the Gmail and doesn’t appears whenever you log in. To do so follow the given below steps.

  • Firstly, Install the uBlock Origin Extension and add it to your Chrome.
  • Go to your Gmail Account.
  • Tap on uBlock Origin Extension located at the top right corner.
  • Touch “Element Picker Mode”.
  • With the help of Element Picker select the Meet area on Gmail.
  • After that uBlock will highlight you a create filter to remove the box permanently.
  • Hit Create.

Remove Meet tab from Gmail in iPhone, Android

Dont miss to check our article on how to remove Meet tab from Gmail App on iPhone and Android.

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