How to Block Computerized Messages on Android in 2023

How to Stop Computerized Messages on Android

Well, in the world of competition, there are few people earning by genuinely promoting their business online, over phone calls, text messages. On the other side, there is no shortage of spammers who constantly asks you to join various campaigns, buy health policies, or buy products that actually you don’t want to, and much more. So, how do you stop unwanted messages on Android phone or is there any way to block computerized messages on Android? Absolutely, there is. Unlike emails, SMS doesn’t come with a direct link to unsubscribe or stop unwanted automated messages.

Besides, they don’t give a single clue to you that how do you unsubscribe or stop the spam messages; instead you’ll have to dig out a solution yourself and get rid of the computerized text messages. We’ve written this article for those who are annoyed by text messages with shortcode, a shortcode is 5-6 digit number displayed as a title of the message.

How to Stop Spam Messages on Android

Way 1: Use Command to Opt-Out

This is the easiest and quickest way to opt-out of the spam or advertisement text messages. If the sender’s following guidelines correctly, then you can simply use the STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, QUIT, or END words to ask them that you are no longer interested in receiving any messages. Mostly the STOP and UNSUBSCRIBE command work.

All you have to do is, open the spam text message, and type the message. If the command worked, then you’ll receive a confirmation message that you’ve successfully unsubscribed the service or anything. Try each command, if none of them works then move to the next solution.

Note: If you use STOP ALL, then you’ll be removed from the list using the same short code number.

Way 2: Ask Sender to Stop Spam Messages

Now’s a time that you could use the HELP word to get help and directly contact the shortcode provider to stop sending spam messages. You may receive a contact number; Email or a source of contact information, which later can be used to contact those regarding queries.

Once the contact information is available to you, I assume you know very well how to deal with them.

Way 3: Identify the Sender

For instance, if you are receiving spam or any sort of messages from Clothing Brand, back in the past day you may have purchased apparels and given them your mobile number, but it turns out their messages are harassing you or you don’t want to buy their products anymore, directly call their customer care number and tell them to stop sending promotional offers.

You can visit the official website and find the contact information.

Way 4: Look for the Short Code Provider

Still can’t find the shortcode provider? It’s getting embarrassing now, I can understand. It’s time to use Google and U.S Short Code Directory, both of them are the greatest source to find the name of the company to which shortcode is registered.

Use Google:

Here I’ve mentioned the string that you have to Google and find the shortcode belongs to which organization. Let’s see how it can be done,

  • [short code number]
  • SMS marketing [short code number]
  • Text [short code number]
  • SMS [short code number]
  • Text message marketing [short code number]
  • Help to [short code number]
  • Stop to [short code number]
  • Shortcode [short code number]

Use SMS Directory:

Open the U.S Short Code Directory and enter the shortcode if you belong to the US. Otherwise, try the Google method if you don’t live in the US.

Way 5: Take Help from Carrier

Still, if you are unable to stop spam messages on Android, then contact your carrier and give them the shortcode, they will definitely help you stop the irritating computerized messages on Android phones. The mobile service provider can track the spam calls and take action against them or say they will block the number, so you’ll never receive any calls and text messages from that phone number.

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