7 Best Google Play Music Alternatives for Android in 2023

Best Google Play Music Alternatives

Undoubtedly, Google wants to snatch away all the Google Play Music users to YouTube Music; it’s been more than two years since YouTube Music launched and failed with zero response. Compared to YouTube Music, Google Play Music has several features like accessing the songs stored on local storage, play music online, and most importantly simple, easy to use app interface. Most of the Android phones have pre-installed Music apps, so if you want to stick with the local music library, then no need to download any of the below apps or you could go for AIMP, it is quite similar to Google Play Music.

There are plenty of YouTube Music alternatives are available to download in place of Google Play Music. However, online music applications also have the capability to upload your offline collection to it and listen to them from the same app. It’s up to you, what would you like, let’s see the best Google Play Music Alternatives for Android.

Best Google Play Music Alternatives for Android

Amazon MusicAmazon Music Alternative for Google Play Music

With Amazon Music, you can enjoy more than 50 million songs and music. The app contains music for everything like working out, gaming, dinner parties, and even for cooking. Additionally, this app is also available on Fire TV, Fire Tablet or many other Amazon echo devices and allows you to play locally in your Bluetooth stereo or the car. Simply, just use Alexa or type to head towards the song you love and create your playlist and download them to enjoy while traveling or on the road trip where there is a network issue.

Moreover, to make it easy to use the app has divided the song according to occasion and mood. The app is free to download but to access all the features to enjoy the newest releases, ad-free experience, and exclusive songs you need to pay $7.99 for a premium subscription.

Click here to download Amazon Music

SoundCloudSoundCloud Music, Google Play Music Alternative

Soundcloud is one of the glaring alternatives of Google play music. The app is lightweight, free, yet it is a complete package of features and offers some paid features as extras to the users. SoundCloud is a huge collection of songs from small, independent, and underground singers. You can enjoy more than 200 million songs of every artist in the corner of the earth. The app also reads your music habit and suggest music accordingly.

While some user lives in the area where there is a network issue, to reach all your demand, it allows you to download music and enjoy the music offline. There is also a premium package known as SoundCloud go+ in which you can enjoy ad-free and save the unlimited track.

Click here to download SoundCloud

SpotifySpotify Music App

With Spotify, you can podcast for free and enjoy huge varieties of songs. It is visible in the list of the largest online music app. You can also enjoy the radio and on-demand music without any charge. There is a feature that allows the user to follow the artist or singer by learning music history. With the premium version, you can enjoy features like download and enjoy music offline, enjoy podcasts and music, listen to music without ad, personalize music album according to your mood, and many more.

Compatible with all android devices and contain in-app purchases.

Click here to download Spotify

TidalTIDAL Music

With the largest streaming catalog on tidal, you can discover and stream your favorite songs. The app offers to download music & tracks and enjoy them offline without ads. It contains the songs like Latin and hip-hop to rock, go-to albums to launch new songs with their catalogs as well as listen to the music on the radio.

All the users of tidal get access to music event whether they are hosting or live-streaming the concert. Plus, you can easily transfer the tidal playlist directly from your files. Compatible with android device above 5.0.

Click here to download Tidal

Neutron PlayerNeutron Music Player

Neutron is a platform-independent music player with an advance unique 32/64 bit audio engine that delivers the best quality sound. The UI of neutron player is equipped with a rich set of control, advance option, specially designed for people who love music. With unique features, it also supports different varieties of files and pre-installed equalizer. It is a bit expensive as compared to any other app, but it also in the list of best music apps for android.

Click here to download Neutron Player



In the list of the best alternatives of Google Play Music, Deezer ranks at the top as it comes with the ability to stream 16-Bit FLAC audio quality. Moreover, it comes with 35 Millions Of Tracks to pass out every day. At the same point, Deezer gives a feel like Spotify Lit as it comes with the same sections and menus. At last it only charges $ 19.99 Per Month, which is worthwhile to spend.

Click Here To Download Dezeer


Jamendo Music

If you are a fan of old-age songs and never care about the latest music and artist, then you must pay attention over Jamendo. It gives the complete video of the Soundcloud, as it comes with a Sound Waveform Visualizer and offers a crystal clear look. However it is still the best alternative of Google Play Music, but unfortunately it never offers Chromecast Connections.

Click here To Download Download Jamendo

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