How to FaceTime from iPhone to any Android, Windows PC?

Until iOS 15, FaceTime was exclusive to Apple users, and we never thought that Apple might allow Android and Windows users to connect over FaceTime with Apple gadgets. However, this pandemic has brought so many changes in our life, like attending Meetings over Video Conferencing apps, and maybe considering the same, Apple decided to expand the FaceTime to Android and Windows people, who can connect for short meetings via FaceTime too.

Since FaceTime on Android, Windows is exciting, you must try this. There are no hurdles or any weird settings to be followed, just as simple as creating and sharing a Google Meeting or Zoom Meeting link. Here’s how to Connect FaceTime to Android and Windows.

How to FaceTime Call on Android, Windows PC

  1. Open the FaceTime App on your iPhone running iOS 15 or later.
  2. Select Create Link.
  3. FaceTime will create sharing link for Android, Windows PC.
  4. Under the Upcoming section, a shareable link will appear.

FaceTime link can be shared over WhatsApp, Mail, Messages, or any app that appears in the sharing panel.

  1. Once the sharing link is created, tap on the (i) button next to FaceTime Link.
  2. Tap Share Link.
  3. From the sharing panel, you can choose from available options to share the FaceTime link with Android or Windows users.

How to Join FaceTime Call on Android, Windows PC

  1. If you’ve received the FaceTime link from an iPhone user.
  2. Tap on the FaceTime link from your Android Phone/Windows PC.
  3. Enter the name to join the call, that name will be used by FaceTime to inform the host that you’re joining the call.
  4. Tap Continue.
  5. Then tap on the Join button in the upper-right corner.
  6. By this, it will send a notification to the iPhone user who created the link.
  7. Let the iPhone user accept your call, till then, it will show “Waiting to be let in…”

How iPhone Users Can Accept FaceTime Calls from Android, Windows PC?

After the Android or Windows users join the FaceTime link, the host who created the FaceTime link will receive a notification to accept the call, if you’re the one, tap on the Green Accept button to start the FaceTime call.

FaceTime Compatible Android Phones?

Currently, FaceTime App is not revealed by Apple for Android users, therefore, the FaceTime Calls for Android and Windows users will connect over the web. Most Android phones support FaceTime since it uses a web browser to connect. Though, ensure that the Camera and Microphone are working on the Android phone.

Can I Download FaceTime on my Android Phone? NO

Unfortunately, NO! FaceTime App is not released to Google Play or any Store for Android users. You’ll to use the Google Chrome browser to join the FaceTime Calls from Android and Windows PC.

Can’t Join FaceTime Calls on Firefox?

Well, FaceTime supports only Google Chrome and Safari browser. And on Android phones and Windows PC, you’ve only one option Google Chrome. Make sure to join FaceTime calls on Chrome browser, as soon as Apple rolls update and expand support for other browsers, we’ll update the post.

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