How to Pair and Connect AirTag with iPhone, iPad 2023

Apple recently launched the AirTag, a smart device tracker that will help you find personal belongings. It is reasonably available at $29 and if you are interested in buying pack of 4, then it will cost you $99, which is of course a best deal. Already received AirTag and looking forward to using it? This article will show you complete guide to pair and connect AirTag with iPhone, iPad running iOS 14.5 or later.

AirTag uses the U1 Chip when connected to iPhone 13 Series or iPhone 12 Series, while, with older iPhone models, Bluetooth and NFC contributes to track your lost items. Let’s see how to track your lost items using AirTag with iPhone, iPad.

How to Connect AirTag with iPhone, iPad

AirTag Compatible Devices:

Apple’s new innovation in the form of Apple AirTag is an amazing tiny device to track and find the misplaced or lost items within no time. Apple has used advanced technology to design AirTag and that’s the reason not all the iPhone and iPad supports the AirTag. It is built using the Apple’s U1 Chip, that is available in iPhone 11 Series, iPhone 12 Series or later devices. However, when it comes to iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series, we’re talking about maximum accuracy, as it is equipped with U1 Chip.

Nevertheless, the AirTag also support older iPhone models with only one condition, that the iPhone must be running iOS 14.5 or later. With older iPhones, AirTag will use the Bluetooth and NFC to track the lost items, it won’t be as accurate as with U1 Chip equipped iPhones.

How to Pair AirTag with iPhone, iPad iOS 14.5 or later:

Note: Make sure to update iPhone to iOS 14.5 or later to use the AirTag. Connect iPhone, iPad to the Wi-Fi and follow the steps to check for updates: open Settings > General > Software Update.

  1. Remove the AirTag out of the box and then uncover the AirTag from protective plastic. Once its done, AirTag will make a chime sound.
  2. Bring the AirTag closer to iPhone or iPad; with whomever you want to pair the AirTag. Keep the iPhone or iPad unlock and closer to each other.
  3. A prompt should appear in the iPhone or iPad once it is detected.
  4. Hit the Connect
  5. Just in case, if you don’t see the AirTag Card, then lock and unlock the iPhone or iPad and place the AirTag besides the phone or tablet.
  6. From the Name Tag card, you can choose a name for what purpose you want to use the AirTag, like with Keys, Headphones, Luggage, Handbag, or any custom name, if your purpose is not listed.
  7. Tap Continue.
  8. In the next step, you will see the Mail ID and Phone Number linked with your Apple ID.
  9. Tap Continue and complete the registration of AirTag with iPhone or iPad.
  10. Let the AirTag finish up the set up process.

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