How to Use AirTag with Android? You Should Know This

Is AirTag compatible with Android Phones? Do you have this question too, then you’ve landed at the right place. Back in April 2021, Apple launched the AirTag, a tiny coin-like device that is used to track the lost items with the help of Find My App. Apart from Bluetooth, the AirTag is equipped with new generation technology including UWB (Ultra-Wideband) that’ll precisely track down the items. From the beginning, Apple always tries to remove the compatibility of Apple devices from non-Apple devices. AirTag also features NFC; this is the only technology that makes it possible to work with Android phones.

In contrast, Samsung has also revealed the Samsung SmartTag and Samsung SmartTag+; the difference is SmartTag uses Bluetooth and basic functions while SmartTag+ offers UWB and other advanced functions to get the most out of it.

How to Use AirTag with Android Phones?

Unfortunately, Apple won’t let the Android phones’ pair with AirTag as we can do with Apple devices. But being an Android user if you ever find the lost AirTag or item on which AirTag is attached, use your device to scan and get the owner’s information.

However, only the NFC-based Android phones can do this, without NFC, the AirTag cannot be scanned.

Can You Track Lost Items using AirTag on Android?

No! The AirTag only works with Apple devices when it comes to tracking the lost items. Therefore, if you’re interested in finding the lost items with this type of Tracker using an Android phone, then for Samsung users, the SmartTag and SmartTag+ are the best available choices and alternatively, you can go for Tile tracker.

What to do when you find AirTag?

If you happen to find a random AirTag beeping and attached to Keyset or Pet or Backpack or any item, then be a kind person and let the owner know that you’ve found his or her personal belongings. Apple has made this very easy, even though if don’t have iPhone; all you need is NFC compatible smartphone to scan and get the owner’s information on your screen.

Simply put the AirTag on the back of your NFC-equipped smartphone, after scanning is completed, it will give you a web link where all the information will be available, and it might be possible the owner has already given their info on how to reach or contact them.

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