Fix Low Audio during Calls in Samsung S21, S21Ultra

Are facing the problem with your low audio during calls on Samsung? A lot of times, Samsung users receive a low volume during call ideal. These can happen due to dirt in the speaker, or software-related problems, or physical damage to the device.

Don’t worry! want to solve the low audio during calls on S21? Here are the effective steps to fix the device for the various issues like call volume too low S21, sound low while attaining calls, and more.

Fix Low Audio Calls on Samsung S21Plus, S21, S21Ultra

Voice Is Low During A Call On Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

Before going performing any troubleshooting guide, the first thing you must to verify is receiver has accurately positioned phone during the call. And at the same point, a microphone isn’t hidden by cheek or earflap, as of now, it can make you experience Call Volume Low On Samsung!

Once you verify this not causing the issue, move forward and compile the troubleshooting guide on your device. 

Poor Network Signal

There are chances that you are in a location where there is a poor network signal on Samsung S21. Due to this you can’t the sound from another hand during phone calls. So first verify that there is an accurate network connection or else enable the flight mode and within 5 seconds disable it and verify the network availability.

Toggle Airplane Mode

Another solution to deal with Network Issues is toggling the Airplane Mode. When Airplane Mode is enabled, it will disconnect your phone from all wireless connections including disabling the SIM Card itself. If the issue lies from carrier’s end, it will be resolved by doing this trick.

Pull down the notification panel and tap on Airplane mode. Restart the phone and then again tap on Airplane mode to disable it.

Turn Up the Call Volume

Before performing any drastic solution, you should ensure that the in-call volume are turned high. In case, if you have accidentally pressed the volume low key, then you won’t be able to receive the audio during calls. So go under Settings>Sounds and there are many things to verify that matches your standard.

Do a Force Restart on Samsung

A soft reset is one kind of force restart since it would reset the current power cycle of your Samsung device without any loss of important data. Mostly, a soft reset fixes minor bugs on a device like Samsung S21 sound low. Here is a way to perform.

  • Press Power Button and Volume Low Button to prompt Power Menu.
  • Hit Restart.
  • Finally, tap Restart.

Keep Bluetooth Disable

Disable the Bluetooth to avoid noise interference and ultimately the audio distortion issue over calls. In fact, keep devices like Headphone, Speaker, etc. disconnected from the phone.

Remove The Case Or Screen Protector

Check if the case or screen protector you have used on the Samsung phone isn’t blocking the speaker or microphone as it could be a reason for slow volume calls. If yes, detach the accessories, make the call and verify the issue. 

Still S21 Series Call Volume Issue? Clean Speaker

Your phone speaker might have group with dirt and debris. And in this case, after trying all the possible workarounds, there is no way left to fix it. What you need to do is, deep the Cotton Swab in 70% Isopropyl Solution and gently clean the speaker by moving cotton swab inside it.

Check If The Phone Didn’t Stuck With Headphone

When you connect a headphone to the Samsung Phone. You will receive a headphone Icon at the top. But there is time, even when disconnecting the headphone, the device remain stuck in headphone mode. And this can cause various problems, including in-call volume too low. 

If that so with your device, first of all, restart the Phone. Next plug-in back the headphone, hold for a few seconds, and then detach it. Lastly, clean the Headphone Jack and port using Cotton Swab. That’s It!

Software Update on Samsung

An outdated device can be a reason of several problems in the device, so to prevent the device from getting defective, it’s better to verify the availability of the update. For this go to Settings and see if there is any availability of an update.

Reset Network Settings

Whenever there is a call-related problem, one of the basic workarounds is to clear current network settings. Sometimes, the wide changes in the device settings like an update can mess up complete device. So to if the network configuration is culprit, just simply reset network settings.

  • From the main screen, scroll up to open App Tray.
  • Go to General Management.
  • Tap Reset.
  • Hit Reset Network Settings.
  • Hit Reset Settings, enter the PIN or password if prompted.
  • Lastly, hit Reset.

Reset App Preferences

An incorrect setting made by you or any random app could result in Low Audio during calls on Samsung S21. The quickest ways to deal with it is by resetting the app preferences.

It will reset the following things on your phone: Default Apps preference, Disabled apps preferences, App notifications preferences, Background data restrictions, and Permissions restrictions.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Tap on three-dots.
  4. Select Reset app preferences.
  5. Confirm Reset.

Can Barely hear On Samsung Phone?

There might be issue with Samsung Phone speakers. But before considering it a hardware issue, there possibility of unwanted settings or software bug causing no sound during the calls on Samsung phone. Fortunately,, we have curated the list of possible workaround to fix it.

How Do I Increase The Call Volume On My Samsung?

Press the Volume High Button during the calls. And even it’s inaudible, configure the call to Speaker Mode.

Why Can’t I Hear The Other Persons On My Samsung Phone?

Can consider the only reason for the issue. As of now, we conquered many possibilities for can’t hear other people on Samsung Phones. So to fix it, you can follow our guide.

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