How to Disable Bixby on Samsung S21 Ultra, S21Plus, S21

Whether its an iOS, Android, Samsung, Microsoft or any other device, you’ll find unique smart assistant in all of them. Apple offers Siri, Android has Google, Microsoft features Cortana, and not to mention Samsung comes with Bixby. The Smart Assistants are jam-packed with endless possibilities to control your world with just voice, like switching on and off smart lights, playing songs, making grocery list, and much more, when you’re in no mood to write out all these things. Samsung has its own smart assistant by the name of Bixby, and of course you’ll find Bixby in all the high-end flagship devices like Samsung S21.

Competing Amazon, Apple and Google smart assistants, with Bixby was one of the biggest revolution of Samsung; undoubtedly, Samsung’s Bixby failed and not the favorite of Samsung users. Still Samsung wants to promote the Bixby in the market, and its users don’t want to entertain Bixby at all. If you’re annoyed by Bixby, the take a look at this short stepwise guide to disable Bixby on Samsung S21 Plus, S21 and S21 Ultra. It will take less than minute to turn off the Bixby Assistant on Samsung phone, here’s how to do it.

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Turn Off Bixby on Samsung S21 Ultra, S21 Plus, S21

  1. Unlock the Samsung S21.
  2. Bring down the Notification bar.
  3. Tap on the Power button near the three dots on the upper-right corner.
  4. From Power Menu options, choose Side key settings.
  5. Under Double press, select Quick launch camera or Open app or completely disable the Double press switch if you don’t want to use that function.
  6. Secondly, under the Press and hold menu, you can choose Power off

This is it! Now you’re free from accidental Bixby launches that usually happens with Power button. However, there is no way to completely disable the Bixby button, but this is the best we can recommend you.

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