How to Connect Xbox One Controller to Samsung S20 Series

How to Connect Xbox One Controller to Samsung Note 20 Ultra, Note 20
How to Connect Xbox One Controller to Samsung Note 20 Ultra, Note 20

I don’t know about all, but the Galaxy S20’s 120Hz refresh rate forces me to play games, what’s more, interesting rather than playing games on S20 using the Xbox One Controller? It’s good to hear that Xbox One Controller is not limited to the PC, but can be used to play games on Android phones too. So here comes the Bluetooth; whether do you want to play music over home theatre or play games, Bluetooth connectivity is useful in every field.

Aside from Xbox One Controller, we’ve also made a detailed article on how to PS4 controller to Samsung, if you own one, then you must read the article. There are dozens of gaming controllers are available, but if you own Xbox One Controller, there is no need to waste money on buying a separate controller for Samsung phones.

How to Pair Xbox One Controller to Samsung S20Ultra, S20Plus, S20

How to check my Xbox controller can be paired with Samsung?

It might be possible that the older Xbox controller may or may not have Bluetooth connectivity, you can make sure just like this. The Xbox with Bluetooth can be identified as, if the Xbox button is on the white surface, then it supports Bluetooth. Whereas the Xbox button is covered in the black portion, different from the whole controller then, it doesn’t have Bluetooth.How to Connect Xbox One Controller to Samsung S20 Ultra, S20 Plus

How to Connect Xbox Controller to Samsung S20

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth

  • First things first, to connect Xbox One to Samsung S20Plus, S20, the Bluetooth connection must be turned on. Swipe down the notification bar, touch, and hold the Bluetooth icon to open the Bluetooth menu.
  • Alternatively, open Settings app > Connections > Bluetooth > Turn on Bluetooth.

Step 2: Turn on Xbox One Controller

  • If you haven’t turned on Xbox One Controller yet, then press and hold the Xbox button to power up the controller.

Step 3: Find the Sync Button on Controller

  • Now hold the Xbox controller in your hands like you are playing the game, on the top of the Xbox One, you’ll find Sync button. It looks like a round button, next to the three-curved holes, and say between the L1 and R1 buttons; close to the MicroUSB port.
    Press Sync Button on Xbox Controller
    Press Sync Button on Xbox Controller

Step 4: Hold down the Sync button on Controller

  • Hold down the Sync button on the Xbox controller until the light blinks. Leave the sync button when you see light flashing.
  • With step 4, both Samsung S20 and Xbox One Controller are ready to pair.

Step 5: Open Bluetooth Menu on Samsung S20

  • As I mentioned in step 1, to open the Bluetooth menu, do it.

Step 6: Pair the Controller with Phone

  • Find the Xbox One Controller under the list of Available devices. When Xbox One Controller appears in the list, tap on it. It’ll show Pairing….., wait for a bit to complete pairing between the controller and phone.

That’s It! After successfully pairing, the Xbox One Controller will be displayed under the Paired devices.

As we know, the Xbox One is totally dedicated to PC gaming, somehow we have found a way to connect it to Android and play games; so not all the games will work on the Xbox controller. Besides, after using the Xbox controller with the Android phone, if you want to get back to the PC gaming then you’ll need to pair again with the Xbox One.

Can I Connect My Xbox One Controller To A Samsung S20 Without Bluetooth?

No, you can’t connect any controller without Bluetooth to your Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Why Won’t My Xbox One Controller Connect To My Samsung S20 Series?

Ensure your controller is activated and in pairing mode. Also, verify that Samsung S20 series has enabled Bluetooth and in the range of the controller. If you still find the issue, reset the controller and restart the Samsung S20 series.

Can Is Use Xbox One Controller To Play Games On My Samsung S20 Seires?

Yes, you can play the games. And the best part may special games supported.

Do I Need To Download Any Software Or Apps To Use My Xbox One Controller With Samsung S20 series?

No, the Samsung S20 series will automatically detect and pair with Xbox One once activate the pairing mode. But keep note; you will need to keep device firmware updated.

Can I Connect Multiple Xbox One Controllers To My Samsung S20 Series?

Luckily, you can connect multiple Xbox to Samsung S20 series at once. But not multiplayer games are supported.

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