How to Connect Your Samsung Phone to PS4?

How to Connect Samsung Phone to PS4
How to Connect Samsung Phone to PS4

For ease of use, Sony has broadened PS4 widely to cross platforms, like on Android and iOS phones. You may have heard and played games by connecting the gaming controller to Samsung phones, but never played PS4 games after turning your phone into the second screen or alter the settings of PS4 from the phone app or controlling the power options. Have you? The PlayStation Mobile App comes with all these features, PS4 comes in handy; within a minute you can turn the phone into PS4 remote as long as your phone and PS4 are connected to the same wireless network.

In addition to PlayStation App, you can connect the phone to PS4 via USB without Wi-Fi and access all the media files on the PS4. We’ve also covered a short tutorial on this at the end.

How to Connect Sony PS4 to Samsung Phone

  • First of all, download the PlayStation App on your Samsung phone.
  • Make sure the PS4 and Phone, both connected to the same wireless network. To connect PS4, you’ve two options, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, you can use either, the only necessary condition is they must be on the same network. Go to the Settings > Network, on the PS4 and check the connection type.
  • Next, open Settings on PS4.
  • Choose Playstation App Connection Settings.
  • Select Add Device.
  • Once the code display on the PS4 screen, launch the PlayStation App on your phone.
  • No need to enter the sign-in information, directly tap on Connect to PS4.
  • In the app, select your PS4. If in case, the PS4 doesn’t show up on mobile app, re-scan and verify the Wi-Fi network on which you’ve connected the PS4 and Phone.
  • Now, enter the code displayed on the PS4 in the PlayStation App on your phone.
  • It will take moment to connect to the PS4.
  • Additional, But Useful Settings,
  1. Tap Second Screen, if you would like to control the PS4 right from the phone app, which later can be used to navigate through the settings of the PS4. Keep note that enabling Second Screen won’t turn the phone app into the PS4 controller, only it can help you to access the settings of the PS4.
  2. Game-Specific Second Screen Function, there are few games in the PS4 that can be played from the phone app, if you choose the phone as a second screen. To do so, tap on the 2 on the virtual PS4 controller, which is the PS4 App.
  3. PS4 Keyboard, I don’t need to explain, what does PS4 Keyboard mean, instead of finding letters on PS4, why not use the PlayStation App to type faster.
  4. Control Power Options, lastly after using the PS4, use the phone app to turn off PS4. Shut down the Second Screen Controller and hit Power. Depending upon the preferences that you’ve set while turning off the PS4 will be prompted. For instance, if you have chosen to power down the PS4 completely or Reset Mode by default, the respective option will appear.

How to Connect Phone to PS4 via USB without Wi-Fi?

  • I afraid, you’ve to format the USB drive to play with the PS4. Plug the drive into the PC, right-click, and select Format. Choose exFAT or FAT32 before formatting drive.
  • Create PHOTOS, MOVIES, and MUSIC, all the separate folders at the root path of the drive. Do not overlap or create the folder inside any other folder. They must be unique and stored at the root level of the drive.
  • Now that you’ve created the folders, copy or move the photos to the PHOTOS folder, movies to MOVIES, and music to MOVIES to access in the PS4.
  • Disconnect the USB drive from the computer and plug it to the PS4.
  • Access the Apps section of the PS4 and open Media Player.
  • Choose the USB drive to play media on PS4.
  • Play any of the media. To get back to the main menu, press the PlayStation button, however, the media will continue to play in the background.

How to Create Backup of PS4 in USB Drive?

  • After connecting the USB drive to PS4, open the Settings menu in the PS4.
  • Choose Application Save Data Management.
  • Select the Saved Data in System Storage and backup the saved data whichever you want.
  • Press the Options button on the PS4 controller and go for Copy to USB Storage.
  • Once again to back up the PS4 choose and copy the files to a USB drive.

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