Best GBA Emulators for Samsung S10Plus, S10, S10e

Best GBA Emulators for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, S10, S10e

Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color are still someone’s favorite handhelds and many of the gamers have introduced themselves in the gaming world with these two names. The good news is, now these generation people can also take advantage of most popular game consoles all over the time with these best GBA emulators for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, S10, S10e.

It’s time to relive the old days and start playing favorite Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color right on the Android phones. The below list is handpicked by our experts that include all the best GBA Emulators for Samsung S10 devices and other android phones. Download the one which fits your requirements.

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Best GBA Emulators for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, S10, S10e-2019

Classic Boy

ClassicBoy Emulator
ClassicBoy could be your companion when you are bored and want to play some games on Samsung S10. This emulator supports all the major consoles like Game Boy Color, PlayStation, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and NES. With ClassicBoy, you won’t need any other emulator to play games on Samsung S10 Plus, S10 or S10e as it works with all the major games. Moreover, you can access save states, fast forward, load states, and cheat code support. Even it allows you to play using a hardware controller. For more missing features, you can purchase a subscription to ClassicBoy.

Download: Google Play


EmuBox emulator for Samsung S10e

EmuBox is another great emulator for Samsung S10 smartphone with the same abilities as of ClassicBoy but with different console support. The consoles that work with EmuBox are Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, Game Boy Color and SNES. Besides, you will get the same cheat support, fast forward support, and load states. Though you have to carry a load of Ads as no premium version is available in EmuBox emulator.

Download: Google Play

Emulator for GBA 2

Emulator for Samsung S10 Plus, S10, S10e

Unlike any other GBA Emulators for Samsung S10 Plus, this emulator only supports GBA 2. So, if you are specifically looking for the emulator for GBA 2 then, don’t let this go. Not a single emulator could provide such an incredible experience. It offers, easy to use virtual pads and useful gameshark cheat code for better gameplay. Also, the common features like load state and save state are included along with you can connect cable link emulator using Wi-Fi to two devices.

Download: Google Play


GBA emulator for S10 Plus

GBA.emu emulator comes with high-level BIOS emulation and backup memory and many more features that you are looking for Game Boy Advanced. It works with most of the game ROMs and plays smoothly. The state files are interchangeable with cross-platform support on the PC version which means it lets you play virtually anywhere. However, you cant use this emulator unless you decide to buy a subscription or if you want to play for free then make sure to unsubscribe within the refund period.

Download: Google Play


GBC emulator for S10e

GBC emulator is developed by the same developer who created GBA emulator so almost all the features of GBA resides in this emulator. Like, save states, load states, hardware support for controllers, BIOS emulation, and much more abilities are included in GBC emulator that a normal gamer would expect. It allows you to download ROMs for original Game Boy. GBC also works on the cross-platform to play on PC. However, you have to purchase the GBC emulator for $2.99.

Download: Google Play

John GBA

John GBA Emulator for S10 Plus

If you don’t want to go with any of the above emulators for Samsung S10/S10+/S10e, then consider John GBA as your playmate. It consists of pretty much impressive features like no ads and works completely offline, which reduces chances of lagging and freezing the gameplay. All the common requirements like cheat codes, slow down modes, game search and most importantly on-screen controls are available on John GBA. Plus, you can take backup directly on Dropbox.

Download: Google Play

John GBC

John GBC emulator for Samsung S10

John GBC is no different from John GBA, as the name itself suggests that both of them are developed by the same person. It includes same functions like, fast forward, cheat codes, slow down modes, game search, turbo buttons, and Dropbox support for reliable backup. It works offline, so you won’t lose focus by those hefty ads.

Download: Google Play

My Boy

My Boy Emulator for Samsung S10 Plus

My Boy offers outstanding graphics as it employs OpenGL and with this emulator, you don’t have to mess up with the setup process. With the BIOS emulation, you can easily set up without downloading any BIOS file and play favorite ROMs really well. You may have to face bugs or glitch, but it won’t break your game or anything. It is packed with external hardware support, fast forward, save states, load states, cheat codes and much more.

Download: Google Play

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