Fix Note 10, Note 10Plus Speaker Not Working | Sound Issues

Note 10, Note 10Plus Speaker Not Working
Note 10, Note 10Plus Speaker Not Working

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10Plus are still the attraction for so many people around the world. No other device can beat the sleekness and design of Note 10 Flagship. With such a great hardware finish, many users are dealing with software issues like Note 10, Note 10Plus Speaker Not Working, and Note 10 Plus speaker crackling issues. However, it’s not easy to find the cause behind low sound during calls on Note 10Plus or distortion sound on Note 10.

Even though, we’ve collected all the potential solutions that could be helpful to fix the Note 10 Volume issues. Try each of the tricks and see if the sound issues of the Samsung phone is fixed or not. If not, then visit the Samsung support and ask for their assistance.

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Fix Note 10Plus and Note 10 Volume Issues After Update

Must-Try: Test Note 10, Note 10Plus Speaker

By dialing *#08*# you can test whether the speaker is working or not. This is the best way to ensure the issue with the speaker is hardware related or software. On dialing the number, tap on Speaker, and bring your device close to check which speaker is working. If all the speakers are alright then move on to the next troubleshooting.

Check the System, Media and Notification Volume

If you Note 10 speaker volume too low, then don’t worry, sometimes mistakenly the volume keys got pressed and we think that the speaker is stopped working on Samsung. Here’s what should you do to increase the volume of Note 10, Note 10Plus.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Sounds and vibrations.
  • Tap Sound mode and choose Sound.
  • Then, tap Volume and drag the slider of Ringtone, Media, Notifications, and System Volume to the maximum.

Now, check if the loudspeaker issues with your Note 10Plus, Note 10 is resolved or not. Also, keep note that, not all the applications have the same loud volume. If the low speaker volume on Note 10 is with a particular app, then download third-party applications to improvise the sound.

Update the System Software

Updating the software to the latest version is the first and foremost solution to the software glitches. The software updates are made available to improvise the phone, whilst adding new features for the betterment of users.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down to the Software Update.

Speaker Not Working with Specific App?

Sometimes, Note 10Plus speaker crackling or stops working with the particular app; in that scenario, there are few things could be done to fix the sound issues on Samsung phone.

  1. Update App: From the Google Play, update the culprit app that is causing the sound issues.
  2. Reset App Preferences: Open Settings > Apps > More Options > Reset app preferences.
  3. Reinstall App: Delete and reinstall the app from the Google Play Store.

Force Restart Note 10, Note 10Plus

Force reboot is often the best solution to tough problems as well as works for minor software glitches. Besides, doing so refreshes the system software and stimulates the battery, which is equivalent to removing and inserting the battery.

  • Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button for 10 seconds.

Run Note 10, Note 10Plus in Safe Mode

Have you recently installed any application from an unknown source and the dilemma such as Note 10+ bad speaker raised? If yes, then putting the device into Safe Mode is the only option left for you to verify that the third-party application is the real culprit behind the low volume issues of Note 10Plus.

  • Turn off the device by pressing and holding the Power button and Volume Down button.
  • When power option appears on the screen, again touch and hold the Power off and then select Safe mode.
  • Wait for 30 seconds until the phone reboots in Safe mode, at lower-left corner, Safe mode will appear.
  • To exit from Safe mode, simply restart the phone.

Enabling Safe mode will disable all the third-party applications installed on your Note 10Plus, Note 10. So, now try playing songs or calling someone to verify if speaker issues with your device are resolved or still persists.

If the speaker and sound are working correctly, then you need to uninstall the recently installed apps as they are the real reason behind the malfunctioning of the speaker.

Reset Network Settings

Few users have already fixed the Note 10Plus, Note 10 Bad Speaker, Crackling Noise of Note 10 Speaker, Samsung media-sound not working, Loudspeaker not working during calls, and many other difficulties by just resetting network settings. Try your luck!

  • Navigate to the Settings app > General management.
  • Tap Reset.
  • Select Reset network settings and confirm it.

Wipe cache partition

You may have seen the wipe cache partition as a solution to every Samsung phone, because, it works. When the cache is deleted from the device, all the corrupted and outdated files are removed with it too. So if any file thwarting the functionality, will be eliminated and sound will be resumed like before. Here’s how it can be done,

  • Turn off the Note 10, Note 10Plus.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up button and Power/Bixby button.
  • Release both keys when the Android logo appears.
  • After that, the ‘Installing system update’ message will display for almost 30s-60s.
  • Next, to navigate to the wipe cache partition using the Volume down button.
  • And to select the press Power button.
  • After successfully completing wipe cache partition, select the Reboot system now using the Power key.

Take the Phone to Samsung Care

Last but not the least, take the phone to Samsung Care, if there’s any technical issue, they will look into it and fix the crackling sound on Note 10. If possible carry the original receipt of Note 10, to the Care to help them identify whether your phone is under warranty or not.

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